From The Shores Of Idiocracy

It’s all belief,
to believe or not to believe,
that is the question.

Better to bear the slings and
arrows of outrageous fortunes
than to spare the roving mind’s eye.

— BillyBeezleyBub, et al

Almost everybody on earth believes in 2 things, God and Money.
Both are not real. We just made them up.

— BillyBeezleyBub (my alter ego and hero)

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Why We Are Too Stupid To Live

In the early years of the 20th century millions of black folks in the Congo were murdered for control of the rubber tree plantations that were needed to make car tires. Cars were the latest greatest thing. If you tell a 50 year old man he has to give up his car to save life on earth, he’ll tell you to go to hell.

In the early years of the 21st century millions of black folks in the Congo were murdered for control of the exotic minerals our smartphones need to work properly. Smartphones are the latest greatest thing. If you tell a 20 year old they have to give up their smartphones to save life on earth, they will tell you to go to hell.

During the 100 years between all the mass murders in the Congo, America and Europeans sold millions of tons of guns and ammo to poor countries all around the world. If you tell an American he has to give up his guns and ammo to save life on earth, he’ll tell you to go to hell.

Solar & wind energy products have a life-cycle time of 30 years, after which they will all have to be replaced during a time of food, water, energy and mineral shortages. If you tell green energy boosters they have to give up 100% renewable energy to save life on earth, they will tell you to go to hell.

Humans and our livestock occupy 97% of the land vertebrate biomass on earth. Humans and livestock consume 40% of annual land chlorophyll production and caused 80% of land vertebrate species extinction. If you tell a meat lover he has to give up meat to save life on earth, he will tell you to go to hell.

James Hansen and a few renowned conservation biologists composed an open letter to Green NGOs begging them to stop their opposition to nuclear power in order to save all life on earth. He was told to go to hell.

Renewable energy is unsustainable without massive demand destruction for energy and meat. Trees are the bio-chemical energy reservoir that drives bio-diversity on land, this is the same energy battery, along with the phytoplankton, that drives the maintenance of our atmosphere. When the trees go, so will the atmosphere, then our oceans will slowly evaporate away into space, or I may be wrong and go straight to hell.

But, I don’t care because I am BillyBeezleyBub, Lord of all my Creation! LOL!


Rapid discharge of the earth-space battery foretells the future of humankind

The Battery Theory of Biomass and How we Came to the Brink of Ecological Suicide

The Earth’s Battery Is Running Low

Rapid discharge of the earth-space battery foretells the future of humankind

James Hansen says seas can rise 1 meter in 20 years.
@ 2:11 on the timeline below

Alert Canada says oxygen is depleting 10X faster than C02 is rising because, says Paul Beckwith, we have reduced the total weight of earth’s living bio-mass, much of it trees and plankton, by 50% since the industrial revolution @ 12:18 on the timeline below.

Don’t forget, nothing stays the same. The exponential drop in oxygen is barely detectable, for now. The rate of decrease will increase rapidly over time.

The weight of all the sea turtles in the Caribbean Islands 200 years ago was more than the weight of all the buffalo on the Great Plains at that time, both are nearly gone now, along with the Cod fish off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. Some 500 years ago, the Cod were so plentiful that Captain John Cabot’s crew could hear them scraping the sides of the ship from inside the hull. They became afraid that the fish would lift the boat out of the water causing it to tip sideways. About 200 years ago, Passenger pigeons, during migrations, would literally blot out the midday sun causing total darkness. They went extinct 100 years ago. Today, we have removed 75% of Antarctic Krill to sell online as health and beauty products. We are killing whales, fish, penguins and seals by stealing their food just on a whim and the click of a mouse.

It is the sheer weight, volume and diversity of all life on earth that sustains the very conditions for life on earth, this includes our atmosphere. The strands of the web of life that cover earth must not be ripped apart over the globe’s oceans for our atmosphere to remain intact. We are shredding those strands up over the globe’s oceans.

We are now risking the air we breathe with every fish we eat.  We cannot remove millions of tons of fish from 75% of earth’s surface and grow tree farms on the rest without destroying our planet. We already cut the weight of all earth life in half, and may well cut it in half again in just 40 years. This will cause runaway mass extinction, which once started, cannot be stopped or reversed, no matter what we do.

Being Pisces sucks.

Special thanks to Paul Beckwith












Crises Convergence And The Great Unravelling

You’ll notice that whenever people are asked why Rome fell, you get as many answers as there are people who studied it, with each person answering you as if with some great insight that, they assure you, no one else could glean. Why is this? The easy answer is that there was no single cause of Rome’s downfall, the causes were many, and like chickens, they all came home to roost at once. The hard answer is that everyone thinks they’re special and a little above average, and therefore, so are their insights. They’re not.

Sure, you’ve heard of the financial crisis, the energy crisis, the climate crisis, the water crisis and even the ISIS crisis. Each of these crises is somewhat manageable on its own, but life’s not like that. What happens if they all go south at once? Then you get a convergence of many crises. It is this convergence of crises that overwhelms societies to cause their collapse. That’s all fine in theory, except for the fact that society is more or less a worldwide phenomena now. For example, you would be forgiven if you thought that the U.S. still had grain reserves today. It doesn’t, it sold off its grain reserves to world markets during the financial crisis of 2008. If the world goes hungry, so does the U.S..  America’s monocultures are actually more exposed to failure risks due to corporate farm practices. The small farms of the world use 25% of the land to feed 75% of the people.

In 2007, the IPCC said we got until 2015 to peak emissions. I remember the feeling of hope that statement gave me. So what did we do? Absolutely nothing! Emissions dropped slightly for a while after the 2008 financial crisis, but only because our whole system of banking almost collapsed and most manufacturing jobs were still being shipped to China. Oh yeah, we closed a lot of old coal-fired power stations and replaced them with gas-fired ones. You could still say gas-fired plants reduced emissions, but only if you completely ignored methane leaks throughout the whole system.

Then, in 2014, the IPCC said we got until 2030 to peak emissions. What changed to allow them to revise their statement of seven years earlier? Absolutely nothing! Nada, as in nada goddamned thing, except that no one wanted to admit we missed our self-imposed deadline and accept our failure as a species. Instead, some policy wonk made up a cock-&-bull story about how some day we’ll invent a new way to get energy from plants that will pull more carbon out of the air than it releases. In other words, we don’t have to do anything serious today because some day, we’ll invent a new technology to sort it all out. The acronym for this science fiction is BECCS (Bio-Energy Carbon Capture & Storage). So the fate of humanity rests on magical thinking, magical thinking is sort of like whimsy, but with a hint of boldness.

To lend a little credence to this fantasy, the policy wonks at the IPCC said we’ll need 1 billion acres of new farm land to grow these carbon sucking energy plants. One billion acres is about the size of half the United States. Humanity only has about 3.5 billion acres of arable land to grow all our food. Yet, in 2009, Scientific American says at the rate we are depleting soils around the world, humanity only has 60 years of “human agriculture” left. So where will we get all this new land? Simple, we steal it from nature. Our crop and pasture lands have already caused 80% of land species extinctions and clearing another billion acres of farm land will do nothing to remedy this loss of bio-diversity. Do you see what I mean about convergence? But, it gets much worse.

Currently 1 million humans, net, are added to earth every 4½ days. By 2050, it is expected that earth will hold 9-10 billion people. Most of that growth will be in Africa with quite a bit from Asia. Each additional person born will have a reasonable expectation of eating every day for 50 years. Some say we will have to grow 50% more food by 2050 than we grow now. Others say we will have to grow more food over the next 50 years than we grew in all of the last 10,000 years. Whatever the case may be, we will need 12 million acres of new farm land every year for 30 years to do this, but in actual fact, we are losing 24 million acres of farm land every year. We are losing soil 2X faster than we need to grow it, just to be able to feed ourselves.

The problem with all these projections is that they assume all other things being equal, which of course they never are. When was the last time you expected things to get better instead of worse?  Things are now changing faster than even our best models can predict. Everyone knows this. Not only will we have to feed more people than ever while giving up one-third of our land for energy use, we have to do all this in the face of ever-increasing weather and water extremes. Droughts and deserts are growing. Groundwater sources only replenish themselves at 6% of the rate we deplete them. Again, you don’t need to be a math wizard to see this is going to a dark place.

Already, we’ve considered land use, soil loss, food loss, water loss and climate destruction, but you know it doesn’t end there. Let’s add more to our woes, after all, that’s what crises convergence is all about.

The greatest mass migration on the planet is when zooplankton rise up in the seas at night to eat phytoplankton. Both types of plankton comprise half the weight of all living creatures on earth. The next largest animal migration is on land during the Chinese New Year’s holidays, when millions upon millions of Chinese people leave the mega-cities of the South coast and travel to their local in-land villages. And believe me, if you only get a week off each year from working and living in hell, you’d better want to stay out of their way. Why does this happen? Over the last 30 years millions of rural Chinese began a permanent migration from the certain poverty of their local villages to where the jobs are in the city. This phenomena will continue worldwide well into the next few decades.

By 2050, 70% of humanity will be living in cities with some 2.4 billion more people than who live there now, but 75% of the infrastructure they will require does not yet exist. They will need water, roads, homes, electricity etc. which means our total energy use will almost certainly double just to meet the demand for the basics of life. If you noticed anything about fracking for energy it’s that it requires lots of water. So now our energy demands more water than ever in the face of certain water shortages. The production of enough neodymium to manufacture 5-megawatts of wind power produces 75 tons of acidic wastewater. Solar panels have to be continually cleaned or their efficiency drops off the charts. Do you see where I am going with this? Renewable energy is a circular logic spiral of absurdity without severe energy demand destruction. We absolutely cannot maintain our current lifestyles and successfully adopt renewable energy.

Our well being is so inextricably linked to our fossil energy dependence that we cannot even fathom how intractable a problem the peaceful reduction of emissions is for our species. But of course, that assumes all other things being equal, which they never are.

So, the next time you hear some ridiculous claim like we can get all of our electricity from renewable energy by 2050, just step back a moment and say to yourself, “Yea, I suppose we can, if everything just stays the same, but life’s not like that.”


Alice Bows-Larkin explains why rich countries have to reduce emissions 10% per year for 50 years to have a 50/50 chance to avoid 2°C. She is a very serious person saying very serious things that no one will take seriously, and I seriously mean it!

Kevin Anderson explains why BECCS is science fiction.

Here are some references here:











Renewable Energy Is Over 50% Bullshit!

Green fever reigns as fraud runs rampant.

50% of Northern Europe’s “Renewable Energy” is electricity that comes from burning wood pellets shipped in from all over the world including Russia, America, Brazil and Indonesia. Shipping all the world’s trees by boat to burn them is called “bio-fuel”.
5% of Northern Europe’s diesel gas is made from soy oil imported from Brazil and palm oil imported from Indonesia. Elephants and orangutans are killed to clear cut rainforests, to grow palm oil, to ship to Europe as “bio-fuel” made from the lives of those animals. Their answer to this problem is to cancel plans to raise the mixture from 5% up to 7%. Way to go Europe! Then they have the nerve to lie about the emissions.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch…
Solar panels are cheap, but Solar City in Nevada keeps 100% of their customer’s government recognized carbon credits when customers sign their contracts, which is why Solar City passes all those solar savings you hear so much about onto their customers. Those savings are the bait for your carbon credits the company keeps. Then they pass those carbon credits onto utilities, who are mandated by law to provide a certain amount of renewable energy. So you get the debt and they get all the credits for renewable energy you produce which they are supposed to produce. Experts agree, those Solar City panels do not produce any additional emissions reductions because utilities were already required to do that by law. That’s American ingenuity at its best.
The world’s top 10 solar companies of 2013 sold 75 million panels,
68 million were from Asia, 7 million from USA.
That’s why solar panels are so cheap.
In 2007, the IPCC said we got until 2015 to peak emissions.
In 2014, the IPCC said we got until 2030 to peak emissions.
They say we can wait twice as long now because someday we’ll invent a fuel made from plants that will pull more carbon out of the air than it emits. Sound magical? That’s because it is! We have no technology to do that. Plus they say we will need 1 billion acres of new farm land to do it. But Scientific American says we are losing soil so fast that human agriculture will end in less than 60 years.
The European carbon credit market is a scam so rife with fraud that it actually pays fossil fuel companies to pollute. It does the opposite of its intended purpose.
I ain’t too smart, but when I see the sun come up in the east every day, I begin to suspect a pattern.

The Mass Extinction Event Horizon

The Permian mass extinction of 250 million years ago wiped out 95% of life on land and sea and took 80,000 years from start to finish.

The Dinosaur mass extinction of 60 million years ago took 33,000 years to complete after the asteroid impact.

Anthropogenic mass extinction will take up to 300 years, and is more likely to go into runaway mode in a little over 30 years making it 100-1000 times faster than anything ever before.

The Runaway Mass Extinction Tipping Point Is Running Towards Us!

Thousands of people die each year trying to get into Europe.

When oil prices burp, stock markets shit themselves.

66% of humans go without water each year.

50% of our soil will be gone in 30 years.

no soil + no water = no food.

50% of species will go extinct in 40 years, maybe sooner.

40% of earth’s green growth is eaten by humans and livestock.


Runaway mass extinction cannot be stopped or reversed once started.

You may not have noticed, but I didn’t really mention climate yet.

Watch 4 top climate/energy scientists tell you why

Renewable Energy will NOT stop Climate Catastrophe.

The Collapse Data Cheat Sheet, January 2015


Hard Math Made Easy

Electric grid power is only 18-20% of total world energy demand.
80-82% of total energy demand is for mining, roads, bricks, steel, glass, wood and food etc.
( Kevin Anderson, William Rees, Vaclav Smil  2015 )
It takes 10 times as much solar-wind power to shut 1 fossil fuel plant simply because they don’t work with no wind or sun and batteries can’t make up the difference on a one-to-one ratio.
( Richard York, Nature Climate Change 2012 )
Therefore, we need 10 times as much solar & wind power to shut 100% of fossil fuel plants just to stop 18-20% of emissions. You don’t need to be Gandalf the Math Wizard to see this is bad. Converting transportation to electricity will only compound the problem.
Any additional massive battery or smart-grid infrastructure will require the throughput of hundreds of millions of tons of material costing trillions of dollars and taking decades to build out.
( Vaclav Smil 2015 )
If we get 50% of all earth’s electrical grid energy from solar & wind power by 2050, it will still only be 9-10% of total world energy demand. This is why Peter Wadhams says CCS won’t work, but it gets much worse.
Solar & wind power won’t stand up to the bad weather, floods and droughts to come, and neither will we. Large DC powered smart grids will only widen exposure to systemic risks due to more climate stressors.

Scientific American in 2009 said we are losing soil so fast we won’t have any “human agriculture” in less than 60 years. What does this mean?
50% of soil gone in 30 years.
66% of humanity now face severe yearly water shortages.
It’s getting worse fast.
DANGER: no soil + no water = no food

Watch 4 Top Scientists Say Renewable Energy Will Not Stop Climate Catastrophe

Video 1
Bill Rees invented the term “ecological footprint”. Watch this video as he explains why renewable energy is unsustainable
@ 26:25 on the timeline.

Video 2
Peter Wadhams, a long-time Arctic expert, explains why renewable energy and CCS won’t work during this Q&A
@ 1:15:30 on the timeline.

Video 3
Vaclav Smil is a top tier energy expert who literally wrote the book on energy transitions. He explains why 100% energy transitions take generations to complete
@ 8:33 on the timeline.

Video 4
Kevin Anderson is a climate & energy expert. You can watch as he explains why we cannot build nuclear power and/or renewable energy fast enough to avoid 2°C
@ 18:35 on the timeline.

I would encourage you to watch other Kevin Anderson videos for some effective ideas on transferring from a financial world to an economic world to save earth and equitably share its resources.  Both Kevin and Vaclav have excellent ideas on quickly reducing world emissions through easy energy efficiencies. How to incentivize transition is the key to effective transformation. Everyone must have skin in the game.
Kevin says we cannot build out renewable energy fast enough to stop climate catastrophe without massive energy demand destruction for the wealthy. How to redistribute carbon tax credits is the most important thing in the world right now. It’s the world’s biggest game, all the big guy’s are here, the bets are down the die is cast…

You can find out how to fix that game here:


Blaming The Bad Guys Is Easy

Here’s a link where McKibben plays David vs. Goliath, or Good vs. Evil.
He is using the ol’ victim-perpetrator narrative for money and power.
This narrative is masked with false optimism. Standard snake oil procedure.
This was posted in the comments section of the above link.
How Green Is My Pasture
McKibben is funded by the Rockefellers to sell the idea that governments get control of 40% of carbon tax dividends.. He is not a superhero. Renewable energy and CCS will not work because eletricity production is only 18% of total world energy demand. Why aren’t you told? Well, I’m telling you right now..
Animal Agriculture consumes 40% of earth’s annual land plant growth, with animals consuming 40% of our phosporous use and 25% of water use. Humans and livestock are 97% of the weight of all the backbones living on land, including birds. Ten thousand years ago we were 0.01% of that weight. Humans and livestock caused 80% of land-air species extinctions. Animal Agriculture will destroy all the fish in the seas in 25 years. Humans and livestock occupy 50% of the best land on earth with livestock causimg at least 30% of emissions, some say way more.
Did yo know that Northern Europe gets 50% of its “Renewable Energy” by burning wood pellets from all around the world to make electricity?
Did yo know that Northern Europe imports soy oil and palm oil from overseas to mix with their diesel fuel? Then they lie about the emissions!
In 2007, the IPCC said we got until 2015 to peak emissions.
In 2014, the IPCC said we got until 2030 to peak emissions.
They say we can wait because we’ll invent a way to make energy from plants that will pull more carbon out of the air than it emits. Sound magic? That’s because it is. We have no technology to do that. Plus they say we will need 1 billion acres of new farm land to do it. But Scientific American says we are losing soil so fast that human agriculture will end in less than 60 years. In plain english that means we will lose 50% of our soil in 30 years. In 30 years 50% of humanity will be short of water. Do the math Billy boy. No soil + no water = no food.
You, not Exxon, can do more to stop mass extinction and runaway climate change by not eating meat than anything anyone else can do. You won’t, and that’s natural, just like blaming everything on a big bad corporation is natural. Just try to remember that Exxon came from the Rockefellers, who cashed in their chips and just want to suck the government backed tit like that kid in Game Of Thrones.