Blaming The Bad Guys Is Easy

Here’s a link where McKibben plays David vs. Goliath, or Good vs. Evil.
He is using the ol’ victim-perpetrator narrative for money and power.
This narrative is masked with false optimism. Standard snake oil procedure.
This was posted in the comments section of the above link.
How Green Is My Pasture
McKibben is funded by the Rockefellers to sell the idea that governments get control of 40% of carbon tax dividends.. He is not a superhero. Renewable energy and CCS will not work because eletricity production is only 18% of total world energy demand. Why aren’t you told? Well, I’m telling you right now..
Animal Agriculture consumes 40% of earth’s annual land plant growth, with animals consuming 40% of our phosporous use and 25% of water use. Humans and livestock are 97% of the weight of all the backbones living on land, including birds. Ten thousand years ago we were 0.01% of that weight. Humans and livestock caused 80% of land-air species extinctions. Animal Agriculture will destroy all the fish in the seas in 25 years. Humans and livestock occupy 50% of the best land on earth with livestock causimg at least 30% of emissions, some say way more.
Did yo know that Northern Europe gets 50% of its “Renewable Energy” by burning wood pellets from all around the world to make electricity?
Did yo know that Northern Europe imports soy oil and palm oil from overseas to mix with their diesel fuel? Then they lie about the emissions!
In 2007, the IPCC said we got until 2015 to peak emissions.
In 2014, the IPCC said we got until 2030 to peak emissions.
They say we can wait because we’ll invent a way to make energy from plants that will pull more carbon out of the air than it emits. Sound magic? That’s because it is. We have no technology to do that. Plus they say we will need 1 billion acres of new farm land to do it. But Scientific American says we are losing soil so fast that human agriculture will end in less than 60 years. In plain english that means we will lose 50% of our soil in 30 years. In 30 years 50% of humanity will be short of water. Do the math Billy boy. No soil + no water = no food.
You, not Exxon, can do more to stop mass extinction and runaway climate change by not eating meat than anything anyone else can do. You won’t, and that’s natural, just like blaming everything on a big bad corporation is natural. Just try to remember that Exxon came from the Rockefellers, who cashed in their chips and just want to suck the government backed tit like that kid in Game Of Thrones.

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