Hard Math Made Easy

Electric grid power is only 18-20% of total world energy demand.
80-82% of total energy demand is for mining, roads, bricks, steel, glass, wood and food etc.
( Kevin Anderson, William Rees, Vaclav Smil  2015 )
It takes 10 times as much solar-wind power to shut 1 fossil fuel plant simply because they don’t work with no wind or sun and batteries can’t make up the difference on a one-to-one ratio.
( Richard York, Nature Climate Change 2012 )
Therefore, we need 10 times as much solar & wind power to shut 100% of fossil fuel plants just to stop 18-20% of emissions. You don’t need to be Gandalf the Math Wizard to see this is bad. Converting transportation to electricity will only compound the problem.
Any additional massive battery or smart-grid infrastructure will require the throughput of hundreds of millions of tons of material costing trillions of dollars and taking decades to build out.
( Vaclav Smil 2015 )
If we get 50% of all earth’s electrical grid energy from solar & wind power by 2050, it will still only be 9-10% of total world energy demand. This is why Peter Wadhams says CCS won’t work, but it gets much worse.
Solar & wind power won’t stand up to the bad weather, floods and droughts to come, and neither will we. Large DC powered smart grids will only widen exposure to systemic risks due to more climate stressors.

Scientific American in 2009 said we are losing soil so fast we won’t have any “human agriculture” in less than 60 years. What does this mean?
50% of soil gone in 30 years.
66% of humanity now face severe yearly water shortages.
It’s getting worse fast.
DANGER: no soil + no water = no food

Watch 4 Top Scientists Say Renewable Energy Will Not Stop Climate Catastrophe

Video 1
Bill Rees invented the term “ecological footprint”. Watch this video as he explains why renewable energy is unsustainable
@ 26:25 on the timeline.


Video 2
Peter Wadhams, a long-time Arctic expert, explains why renewable energy and CCS won’t work during this Q&A
@ 1:15:30 on the timeline.


Video 3
Vaclav Smil is a top tier energy expert who literally wrote the book on energy transitions. He explains why 100% energy transitions take generations to complete
@ 8:33 on the timeline.


Video 4
Kevin Anderson is a climate & energy expert. You can watch as he explains why we cannot build nuclear power and/or renewable energy fast enough to avoid 2°C
@ 18:35 on the timeline.

I would encourage you to watch other Kevin Anderson videos for some effective ideas on transferring from a financial world to an economic world to save earth and equitably share its resources.  Both Kevin and Vaclav have excellent ideas on quickly reducing world emissions through easy energy efficiencies. How to incentivize transition is the key to effective transformation. Everyone must have skin in the game.
Kevin says we cannot build out renewable energy fast enough to stop climate catastrophe without massive energy demand destruction for the wealthy. How to redistribute carbon tax credits is the most important thing in the world right now. It’s the world’s biggest game, all the big guy’s are here, the bets are down the die is cast…

You can find out how to fix that game here:


6 thoughts on “Hard Math Made Easy

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  2. The “Tipping Point” for the next mass extinction was in 1975 when we failed to begin an effective detoxification response to us homo saps poisoning our planet’s biosphere. There aren’t enough resource$ left to prevent “overshoot and collapse” from our various pollutants accumulating in our air, soils, water and sea food chains. Then there’s Cosby’s Question: “How long can you tread water?” ))


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