Renewable Energy Is Over 50% Bullshit!

Green fever reigns as fraud runs rampant.

50% of Northern Europe’s “Renewable Energy” is electricity that comes from burning wood pellets shipped in from all over the world including Russia, America, Brazil and Indonesia. Shipping all the world’s trees by boat to burn them is called “bio-fuel”.
5% of Northern Europe’s diesel gas is made from soy oil imported from Brazil and palm oil imported from Indonesia. Elephants and orangutans are killed to clear cut rainforests, to grow palm oil, to ship to Europe as “bio-fuel” made from the lives of those animals. Their answer to this problem is to cancel plans to raise the mixture from 5% up to 7%. Way to go Europe! Then they have the nerve to lie about the emissions.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch…
Solar panels are cheap, but Solar City in Nevada keeps 100% of their customer’s government recognized carbon credits when customers sign their contracts, which is why Solar City passes all those solar savings you hear so much about onto their customers. Those savings are the bait for your carbon credits the company keeps. Then they pass those carbon credits onto utilities, who are mandated by law to provide a certain amount of renewable energy. So you get the debt and they get all the credits for renewable energy you produce which they are supposed to produce. Experts agree, those Solar City panels do not produce any additional emissions reductions because utilities were already required to do that by law. That’s American ingenuity at its best.
The world’s top 10 solar companies of 2013 sold 75 million panels,
68 million were from Asia, 7 million from USA.
That’s why solar panels are so cheap.
In 2007, the IPCC said we got until 2015 to peak emissions.
In 2014, the IPCC said we got until 2030 to peak emissions.
They say we can wait twice as long now because someday we’ll invent a fuel made from plants that will pull more carbon out of the air than it emits. Sound magical? That’s because it is! We have no technology to do that. Plus they say we will need 1 billion acres of new farm land to do it. But Scientific American says we are losing soil so fast that human agriculture will end in less than 60 years.
The European carbon credit market is a scam so rife with fraud that it actually pays fossil fuel companies to pollute. It does the opposite of its intended purpose.
I ain’t too smart, but when I see the sun come up in the east every day, I begin to suspect a pattern.

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