The Mass Extinction Event Horizon

The Permian mass extinction of 250 million years ago wiped out 95% of life on land and sea and took 80,000 years from start to finish.

The Dinosaur mass extinction of 60 million years ago took 33,000 years to complete after the asteroid impact.

Anthropogenic mass extinction will take up to 300 years, and is more likely to go into runaway mode in a little over 30 years making it 100-1000 times faster than anything ever before.

The Runaway Mass Extinction Tipping Point Is Running Towards Us!

Thousands of people die each year trying to get into Europe.

When oil prices burp, stock markets shit themselves.

66% of humans go without water each year.

50% of our soil will be gone in 30 years.

no soil + no water = no food.

50% of species will go extinct in 40 years, maybe sooner.

40% of earth’s green growth is eaten by humans and livestock.


Runaway mass extinction cannot be stopped or reversed once started.

You may not have noticed, but I didn’t really mention climate yet.

Watch 4 top climate/energy scientists tell you why

Renewable Energy will NOT stop Climate Catastrophe.

The Collapse Data Cheat Sheet, January 2015


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