Collapse Data Cheat Sheet

I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.
If we put all land vertebrate life on a weigh scale, humans and livestock would take up 97% of all that weight. Ten thousand years ago we were 0.01%. Consuming meat will kill all life on earth, cause the atmosphere to disappear and our oceans to slowly drift off into space. The earth will not be fine without us.
REPRINT from February 2015
► 99% of Rhinos gone since 1914.
► 97% of Tigers gone since 1914.
► 90% of Lions gone since 1993.
► 90% of Sea Turtles gone since 1980.
► 90% of Monarch Butterflies gone since 1995.
► 90% of Big Ocean Fish gone since 1950.
► 80% of Antarctic Krill gone since 1975.
► 80% of Western Gorillas gone since 1955.
► 60% of Forest Elephants gone since 1970.
► 50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985.
► 50% of Human Sperm Counts gone since 1950.
► 80% of Western Gorillas gone since 1955.
► 50% of Forest Bird Species will be gone in 50 years.
► 40% of Giraffes gone since 2000.
► 40% of ocean phytoplankton gone since 1950.
► Ocean plankton declines of 1% per year means 50% gone in 70 years,  more than 1% is likely.
► Ocean acidification doubles by 2050, triples by 2100.
► 30% of Marine Birds gone since 1995.
► 70% of Marine Birds gone since 1950.
► 28% of Land Animals gone since 1970.
► 28% of All Marine Animals gone since 1970.
► Humans and livestock are 97% of earth’s land-air vertebrate biomass.
► 10,000 years ago humans and livestock were a mere 0.01% of land-air vertebrate biomass.
►  Humans and livestock are now 97% of land-air vertebrate biomass.
► Our crop and pasture lands caused 80% of all land vertebrate species extinctions.
► 1,000,000 humans, net, are added to earth every 4½ days.
► We must produce more food in the next 50 years than we have in the past 10,000 years combined.
► We need 6 million hectares of new farmland every single year for the next 30 years to do this.
► We lose 12 million hectares of farmland every single year due to soil degradation, depletion and loss.
► Humanity has only 60 years of farming left at current world soil degradation rates.
► We already passed world peak production growth-rates in 2006 for wheat, soy, corn, wood and fish.
► IMPORTANT:  All IPCC mitigation, sequestration and adaptive strategies assume m-o-r-e farmland is available,
► In 10 years, 4 billion people will be short of fresh water, 2 billion will be severely short of fresh water.
► One billion humans now walk a mile each day for fresh water.
► Humans and livestock eat 40% of earth’s annual land chlorophyll production.
► We are running out of cheap, accessible potassium and phosphates.
► These irreplaceable fertilizers cannot be manufactured by humans.
► We can recycle phosphates, but we don’t because of because of mining interests.
► The nitrogen cycle is so badly corrupted it kills off river and ocean life.
► We face mounting crop losses due to drought, flood and extreme weather.
► We destroy 13 million hectares (26 million acres) of forest every single year.
► There are 80,000 untested chemicals in our environment.
► Mixed together in our bodies they are even more dangerous.
► We add thousands of chemicals to our food in a untrustworthy regulatory environment.
► We spray so much herbicide and pesticide, our croplands are “Green Deserts”.
► Super Weeds & Super Pests make us spray more & different poisons on the land.
► GM foods destroy soil ecology and poisons us without our permission.
► GM crops destroyed 90% of Monarch Butterflies in 20 years.
► GM cotton stalks kill livestock that eat it.
► 3 neo-nicotinoid infused seeds will kill one bird.  Nicotinoids are water soluble.
► Monocultures cause bee malnutrition due to a lack of bio-diversity in pollen sources.
► Bee malnutrition weakens colonies against poisons, disease and extreme weather.
► We add nanoparticles to our foods without testing for long term safety.
► We add computer designed, synthetic DNA to our food.
► We kill elephants and orangutans in Indonesia to clear forests to grow palm oil.
► This palm oil is burnt as “green” bio-fuel in Germany’s diesel cars in Europe.
► Rainforests are slashed and burned in South America to grow soy.
► Pigs in China eat half of all the soy grown in South America.
► Soy oil is burnt as bio-fuel in Northern Europe.
► Our food is killing off life on earth.
How a farmer described growing wheat over the last 20 years…
► Plant seed harvested from previous year
► Allow wheat to grow naturally
► Harvest cutting ~1 foot from ground (storing some seed for next year’s use, selling the extra)
► Plow (turning chaff, stubble, and weeds into ground for nutrient breakdown)
► Remove from planting rotation for 1 year
► Plow (cutting off roots)
► Plow (turn plant material into soil)
► Repeat
► Plant seeds bought from GMO manufacturer
► Drench with GMO’s herbicide to prevent anything else from growing
► Spray with chemical fertilizers (because the ground doesn’t have enough nutrients)
► Spray with herbicide to kill the whole field at once to ensure the whole field is ready to cut at the same time.
► Harvest, cutting the wheat all the way to the ground because it doesn’t grow tall enough due to lack of nutrients
► Sell all seeds that came off of plants (it’s illegal to keep anything)
► Burn off minimal stubble and turn once into the ground with disc.
► Repeat until soil is gone.
► Runaway mass extinction is unstoppable and irreversible once started.
► Green Energy is our solution to Climate Change.
► But, Climate Change is only 1 of 6 Direct Drivers for Mass Extinction.
► 50% of land vertebrate species died off in the last 50 years.
► 50% of land vertebrate species will die off in the next 40 years.
► +50% = Unstoppable Irreversible Mass Extinction.
► 75% Species Loss = Mass Extinction.
► The 6 Direct Drivers of Mass Extinction are:
… 1) Invasive Species
… 2) Over-Population
… 3) Over-Exploitation
… 4) Habitat Loss
….5) Climate Change
….6) Pollution
► Humans and livestock are earth’s number one invasive species.
► We are in the last doubling of resource demand.
► At current growth rates our energy demand will exceed the output of the sun in 1,500 years.
► Energy demand is set to double in 50 years.
► Emissions have to go down 80% in 30 years.
► Renewable energy uses more minerals for less energy than fossil fuels.
► Post-peak minerals will hit in 20 years – more energy needed for less minerals extracted.
► It takes 10X more intermittent electrical energy to displace one unit of fossil electrical energy.
► It takes one ton of coal to make just 6 solar panels.
► Solar and wind turbine production is deadly toxic.
► Green energy systems only last 30 years and have to be replaced.
► We can’t replace billions of green systems every 30 years and save earth.
► Recycling their alloys is difficult and uses more energy than mining.
► Green energy doesn’t run on the sun and wind, it runs on mining minerals.
► Green energy is driven by short-term greedy capitalism and corruption.
► Green energy products will have to be replaced in 30 years during extreme shortages.
► Especially under current emissions-depletions-extinction scenarios.
► 40% Green Energy requires 200% more copper says John Timmer of Ars Technica.
► Peak copper hits 2030 – 2040 says Ugo Bardi.
► Post peak copper production cannot accelerate at any price says Dave Lowell.
► This is true of any post peak mineral production.
► There is no real substitute for copper says Mat McDermott of Motherboard.
► We mined 50% of all the copper in human history in just the last 30 years.
► 100% green energy requires 500% more copper.
► Peak minerals includes more than just copper.
► By 2050, expect to be past peaks for tin, silver, nickel, zinc, cadmium and more.
► Most new hi-tech green energy exotic mineral requirements are energy-cost prohibitive.
► We move some 3 billion tons of earth per year to get 15 millions tons of copper.
► We can’t afford to mine 500% more copper at ever lower concentrations.
► We cannot recycle it into existence.
► We cannot conserve it into existence.
► Substituting aluminum for copper wire takes 5X the energy and is a brittle fire hazard.
► Google’s own Stanford Phd, green energy experts, Ross Koningstein and David Fork, tell IEEE Spectrum why
… green energy “simply won’t work” and is a “false dream” without major lifestyle changes.
► You can see humanity fly off the charts here:
► In just 13 years, we will “lock in” an inevitable near term 6°C earth temp rise because we continually exceed the worse-case emissions scenario set out back in 2007 says climate scientist, Dr. Michael Jennings.
► Why Trolls Are Green
You will notice I barely mentioned climate change. That’s because green energy boosters focus exclusively on climate change and ignore everything else. They know we don’t have enough resources to provide renewable energy for 9 billion people every 30 years. Green energy is based on mining, not the sun, the wind and the stars. The number one concern of miners is, supply and the profit-loss break even point. Solar panels and wind turbines are sold by giant conglomerates who just want to sell us as many panels and turbines as they can before we run out. Divestment is just a distraction for rich old and young. Learn why Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein and the NIC (Non-profit Industrial Complex) are funded by Wall Street.
The Most Important COP Briefing That No One Ever Heard, Lies, Racism, Omnicide
The Corporate Sponsors Of Bill McKibben’s Divestment Tour
If you are still skeptical, get help, otherwise…

Social Darwinian Cannibalistic Slavery

Did you ever see a snake eat its tail? You will now.

I got a rain day off work mowing grass, so I’m feeling pissy.

Renewables deliver 10% of total world electrical use  (Chris Martenson).

But, total world electrical use is only 20% of total world energy use.

So we solved 2% of our total energy emissions problem,

but only temporarily going forward, using simplistic math theory.

Solar and wind only last 20+ years.

Then they have to be replaced.

Wind turbines break down due to… wait for it… wind.

Solar panels lose 1% efficiency per year due to… wait for it… sunlight.

By the time we provide 50% of the world with solar and wind power, we will have to start replacing the first ones we built.

It’s like the Golden Gate Bridge or Eiffel Tower, by the time you’re done painting them, you have to start over.

Think about this, if we have to build solar and wind power 40 times faster over 20 years than we do now to stay under 2 °C, then in 20+ years we’ll also have to restart replacing them 40 times faster. How long will that last? Like forever, like in heaven?

Renewable Energy Is Unsustainable
Without Mega Demand Destruction

Our incredible ability to deny the simple realities of life will lead to more poverty and inequality as slavery makes up for lost energy.

We are not dealing with reality, we are only trying to feel better about our lives before we die and leave our kids a living hell on earth.

Here is where 75% of solar panels come from.

China down-plays coal use, up-plays economic growth while we crow about lower emissions decoupling from economic growth thanks to wind & solar power. Euro-American solar companies are declaring bankruptcy en masse, while every banker and his cousin are praying for oil price hikes. Energy and honesty are at present, mutually exclusive words.

Sex and death are real. God and money, are not.

Quick! The Antidote!


The Answer My Friend Is Blowing In My Wind

All these numbers are from the Warner, Jones 2015 study, and are
based on standard projections of population and energy growth,
because nothing is written in stone, not even beer farts.
To have 50/50 chance of <2° C,
by 2028 we would need the equivalent of:
• 3.7 million, 5 MW wind turbines
• 180,000 km² of solar panels
• 564,000 km² of algae facilities.
As of 2014 there are the equivalent of:
• 141,800, 5 MW wind turbines
• 4,300  km² of solar panels
• 37,500 km² of algae facilities
To achieve that goal, by 2028 we need the equivalent of:
• 40X as many 5 MW wind turbines in just 12 years.
• 26X as many km² in solar panels in just 12years.
•  15X as many km² in algae facilities in just  12 years.
This is very unlikely, extremely improbable and nearly impossible.
To get 94% of total energy by 2100,
we would need:
• 13.7 million, 5 MW wind turbines
• 652,000 km² of solar panels – same size as Afghanistan
• 2.04 million km² of algae facilities – nearly same size as Argentina
When dealing with numbers that size you don’t need accuracy as much as you need the fear they impart to you.
Such numbers don’t exist in the real world, the real world can be far worse or better than the numbers, that’s how you survive. For better or worse, just be ready.
Like Franz Werfel said in his book, Star Of The Unborn, you just count one step at a time.
I don’t think it really matters which way.
50 Shades Of Solar Power
Green Energy Is Over 50% Bullshit
All this assumes we will make it past 2050
Bob Dylan

Hot Mess Political Climate

People say cognitive dissonance like they got immunity. But I know damn well, I can’t get through the day without it.

Europe’s Dust Bowl will be 3X drier than America’s Dust Bowl.

By 2050 the Greater European Mediterranean will be 30% drier than now.

In 1934 the Great American Dust Bowl was 10% drier than before.

Europe’s Warning!
Extreme temperatures and dry conditions as observed this year are likely to increase in frequency and severity over the coming decades, posing great challenges to our societies.
– Dr. Jürgen Vogt

We Will Never Run Out Of Expensive Fertilizer
After The Cheap Stuff Is Gone!

Phosphorus: Starvation And The Philosopher’s Stone

Potassium: MUST Be Cheap To Mine!

The No Situation Room
We will run out of cheap fertilizers, good soil, reliable weather, groundwater, fresh surface water and mountain snow packs all at the same time that heat, extreme weather, energy costs and populations increase.
Food Math
Too Much Bad Stuff + Too Little Good Stuff = Hunger + War

But Before Hunger Comes Poverty
China spent the last 20 years building more steel, concrete and pavement than the whole world combined. The U.S.A. spent the last 20 years on massive weapons systems.
Both countries are going for broke and refuse to recognize losses.
The West went bust in 2008.
Asia went bust in 2015.
Both are fraud bubbles.
We will spend the next year voting for one fraud or another.

The Great China Crash will make The Great Recession seem a soft landing.

After Poverty Comes The Hot Mess
Why baseball pitchers hit the batter more often in August. (starts @ 35:38)

The End






The Energy Cock Block *

“Texas A&M researchers modelled all the projected growth in global populations and per capita energy consumption, as well as the size of known reserves of oil, coal and natural gas, and greenhouse gas emissions to determine just how difficult it will be to achieve the less-than-2 degree Celsius warming goal.
“It would require rates of change in our energy infrastructure and energy mix that have never happened in world history and that are extremely unlikely to be achieved.
“Just considering wind power, we found that it would take an annual installation of 485,000 5-megawatt wind turbines by 2028. The equivalent of about 13,000 were installed in 2015. That’s a 37-fold increase in the annual installation rate in only 13 years to achieve just the wind power goal,” adds Glenn Jones, co-author with Kevin Warner.
Similar expansion rates are needed for other renewable energy sources.
Every hour of every day:
• 3.7 million barrels of oil are extracted from the Earth
• 932,000 tons of coal are removed from Earth
• 395 million cubic meters of natural gas are removed from Earth
• 4.1 million tons of carbon dioxide are put into the Earth’s atmosphere
• 9,300 more people inhabit the Earth
The 21st Century Population-Energy-Climate Nexus
* If you can afford the $20 to download the pdf, please send me a copy.
GRACE – Tracking Water From Space
Danger Will Robinson

Lost Links

My wife is relieved to hear that I understand I’m caught deep within the vortex of an egomaniacal self-reinforcing narcissistic positive feedback loop over which I have absolutely no self-control. And I’m like, shyea!

So, by my best guesstimates, here are my near term projections, with the caveat, that all numbers are always subject to change without notice:

By 2030

we will have 1 billion more people

we will need 25% more food for them

we will need 20% more water

we will have 20% less soil

we will have 25% less water

we will have 25% more drought

we will have 50%  more thirst, hunger and war


When I was young I tried to get spaced out, now I try to get spaced in.

It’s not how fast accelerating speed goes, it’s how you get there intact.

Earth shattering youth links for World Water Day, was that like yesterday already?

I believe droughts can become self-reinforcing in more ways than one. Take this drought map, if you stare at it, you can see the date change to say, 2015-2030. If you stare at it until the edges of your vision turns greyish-white, and blurs out of focus, you can easily see why Syria is just the very beginning.


When I let off stinkers, I always blame the dog.
But, once the groundwater’s gone, so are all bets.


How To Serve Humans.
We will reach 3°C  way ahead of schedule, but you already knew that, didn’t you?


Take Away Water And Add Heat


Here are the latest warnings for California this year from NASA scientist, Jay Famiglietti. Be sure to watch the video at this link.
“Our July 2015 study showed that over half of the world’s 37 major aquifers have exceeded sustainability tipping points and are being rapidly depleted. There are no ‘solutions’ to the global groundwater crisis. In many of the most heavily populated regions of the world, we simply use more water than is available on Earth’s surface – in rivers and in reservoirs – on an annual renewable basis. We make up the shortfall by tapping supplies of groundwater, much of which is nonrenewable, in places from California’s Central Valley to the southern Great Plains, to northern India and the North China Plain. And once it’s gone, in many cases, it’s gone for good.”



Cupid’s Green Arrow

Today’s effort involves listing renewable energy failures worldwide.
Every time I find a failure, I have a drink.

Smoke Trails From The Sky
The $2.2 billion Ivanpah concentrated solar power facility in California has fallen well short of its expected power output and now has a year to get itself back on track, or it risks being forced to shut down.

Thousands of the endangered desert tortoise were killed in their dried lake bed habitat by construction equipment. The panels attract insects, followed by the birds who prey on them who literally burst into flames and fall in a streaming smoke trail to the earth.

Tesla Musk Stink Bug
Elon Musk’s Tesla has quietly removed all references to its 10-kilowatt-hour residential battery from the Powerwall website, as well as the company’s press kit. The company’s smaller battery designed for daily cycling is all that remains. Low fossil fuel and generator costs make big lithium batteries unattractive.

Solar City Musk Stink Bug Smells Bad
Musk scented Solar City in Nevada keeps 100% of their customer’s carbon credits and passes them onto utilities, who are mandated by law to provide a certain amount of renewable energy. So you get the debt and they get all the credits for renewable energy you produce which they are supposed to produce by law. The customer goes into debt to pay for power utility emission reductions. How fucked up can you get?

Bio-Fraud: The Massive Taxpayer Losses of Failed Cellulosic and Algal Biofuels
Sometimes I leave plastic containers of food in the fridge so long that they smell bad when my wife opens them. She calls them “science experiments”. This is a really really big sheow!

Greener Pastures
Since 2009, 112 solar energy companies in the United States and European Union declared bankruptcy as Asia undercut world prices by ignoring all health, safety, environmental and financial regulations.

A Fraud So Big It Will Kill Earth
The European Union’s carbon market, the EU ETS, is meant to cut pollution in a cost effective way. But a new report shows that it handed the EU’s biggest emitters a €24bn bumper payout over six years. Not so much the ‘polluter pays’ principle but the precise opposite: People Pay Polluters Profit.

World Hack 101
Europe’s carbon-trading market was supposed to be capitalism’s solution to global warming. Instead, it became a playground for gangsters, international crime syndicates, and even two-bit crooks — who stole hundreds of millions of dollars in pollution credits.

Massive Green Quarterly Fraud Report
All hands steady, ‘cept for some naughty black kitties, who lost their mitties. My next report will be on The Ecosystemic Fraud Of Green Ecologies, the basis of which is that there is no such a thing.


Oh woah black kitty


Oh woah black kitty


Black kitty had kittens


Damn things lost their mittens


Now, they’re always steady,

But they’re never ready.