Half Wits For Half Earth

Are we getting stupider? I know I am.

Our attention spans are now lower than goldfish.

That’s why I can never catch them not staring at me.

I never had a mother I remember so I only revere 2 people who I think should have got married and had kids, that’s Rachael Carson and E.O. Wilson. I only really learned to appreciate Wilson a few years ago from a YouTube speech he made. He’s had a stroke a couple of years ago and felt he should write a book to say what he’s glad to still have the chance to say. Let’s just say Wilson’s not pulling any punches this time.
Cheers to E.O. Wilson !!!



If we don’t give it up earth will die.

Earth won’t be fine without us.

Half Wits For Half Earth

I mean me silly, and not E.O. Wilson!

If you only had to know 2 things, here they are:

  1. Earth is losing oxygen 10X faster than it’s gaining  CO2.
  2. Sea levels will rise 1 meter/20 years by 2060 and faster after.

Mass extinction is not happening because of global warming. Global warming is happening because of mass extinction which is happening because of humans and livestock. This is changing as climate change will soon overtake all other drivers of mass extinction.  Without massive demand destruction for energy, beef and fish, earth will lose its atmosphere and our oceans will slowly evaporate away.

The six Direct Drivers of Mass Extinction are:

  1. Invasive Species
  2. Over-Population
  3. Over-Exploitation
  4. Habitat Loss
  5. Climate Change
  6. Pollution

Humans eat 40% of annual world land green growth.

Livestock eat nearly half the plants humans eat, but then we eat them.

Humans live on 50% of the best land.

Humans cannot eat over 50% of earth’s annual green growth on land.

If earth goes into runaway global overheating earth will look like Venus until its atmosphere and oceans drift away into space, which means that earth won’t be alright without us. We will likely be nearly gone before the next 40 years of emissions kick in.

Private global corporate food conglomerates are more at risk of systemic crop failure all for the profit a few super rich families. Small farms are more resilient and grow more food for more people than corporate farms. Vandana Shiva says small farms are 25% of farm land that grows 75% of food.

Private global corporate food conglomerates will destroy 50% of humanity’s soil in 30 years at the same time that we have to grow 50% more food than we do now. We have to grow 50% more food with 50% less water and 50% less soil with 50% more storms and 50% more drought.. .

  1. 50% less water
  2. 50% less soil
  3. 50% worse weather
  4. 50% less food
  5. 50% of humans need rice to live
  6. 50% of rice paddies at risk of extremes

In 2013, the World’s Top Ten Solar Panel companies made 75 million panels.

  1. 7 million panels from America
  2. 68 million panels from Asia
  3. 20% of total world energy use is electric grid power
  4. 10X more intermittent energy is needed to close 1 fossil fuel electric plant
  5. It takes 10X more electrical power to stop 20% of emissions.
  6. Switching cars to electric power will only compound the problem.
  7. Low density intermittent power requires more minerals per unit of energy.
  8. We will run out of soil, water and food before we get 100% renewable energy.

There’s a plethora of Carbon Cap & Scam trading schemes proliferating world wide. This is bad. James Hansen wants you to get 100% of your carbon taxes back. Bill McKibben wants the government to get 40% of your carbon tax money. Who do you trust?

I strongly urge that 100% citizen / 0% government carbon tax dividends be paid in a new open cell phone world currency so that money can’t run and hide.

I sincerely hope that after Trump-Killary win the election after world economic collapse that some of you will remember what I am still saying.

But hey-y-y I’m no monetarist expert, just a guy who cuts grass.








One thought on “Half Wits For Half Earth

  1. colinc says:

    Kudos, RC, for your appropriate use of the logical “therefore” symbol (∴)! Kudos, too, for how your blog is progressing. I have a few quibbles with some of what you’ve posted, though nothing of “major” significance. As just one example, your “six Direct Drivers of Mass Extinction” seem to be in “no particular order.” (Though it may just be a difference in perceived importance.) While they are all valid, there are several that are interrelated and, perhaps, pose greater significance over some others. Readers that may be bereft of some important facts and/or prone to short attention spans may become “confused.” Keep up the good work, even though it probably won’t affect the events on the horizon.

    Liked by 1 person

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