The World Carbon E-Currency

This is a pet project of mine. I want to get people to understand that a new world e-currency is, as Martha Stewart always says, a good thing.

When I first left the east coast of Canada and fell off the Turnip Truck in Toronto, I got my first job as a messenger clerk at the Head Office of the Bank of Nova Scotia. Since I could spell things like “words”, they gave me a position in the International Banking division on the 13th floor. An unpopular floor in a bank. This was in 1980. One of my jobs was to circulate all the business magazines amongst the various bank presidents, which I did with the utmost enthusiasm, because no president got to read anything until after I did. I spent years reading Jane’s World Affairs, The Economist etc. trying to see if I could learn anything.

This is what I learned. Almost nothing. The editorials all centered around a half-dozen or so political talking points, as well as some other dull news about earnings performances and initiatives. But I did learn I didn’t want to count other people’s money all my life, so I left to seek a better way. That was in the early 80s when David Stockman was telling us that cutting taxes and deregulation would provide more jobs.

Then in 2006, An Inconvenient Truth and A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash both came out, and I was hooked. Finally, issues larger than life that I actually cared about. In 2007, James Lovelock wrote The Revenge of Gaia: Earth’s Climate Crisis & The Fate of Humanity, the scariest non-fiction book I read since, The Vicars of Christ, which was a history of papal conspiracies and corruption. Lovelock’s book had everything, including a whole bunch of sciencey stuff mixed with revelations about End of Days. Don’t worry, I’m anti-religious.

It was about this time that I started to hear about Bitcoin in 2007 and The Financial Crisis in 2008, both of which were in the news everywhere. It was about 2009 when I heard of James Hansen’s proposal for a 100% private carbon tax fee & dividend with 0% for government. That’s when, one day after lighting up a doobie, it hit me. Why not pay the fee & dividend in a new borderless e-currency?

There is nothing I love more than tripping over a revelation when I’m high, it way more than makes up for my usual lack of personal insight. I was struck! So I started pitching my pot-induced ideas in the comments section of Common Dreams under the name of Shizel — which I had no idea was a gender neutral name.

Anyhow, I was roundly put down and shat upon. But would I give up? No way José! It allowed me the freedom to wallow in my dystopian doom’n gloom scenarios guilt-free because I always had a plan, when people would ask, “So what you going to do about it?” I had a ready answer. If you guys think I’m smug and arrogant now, I was a fucking prick bastard about it back then.

You’ve no doubt heard of the perfect storm, well folks, I was in the eye of the perfect revelation. I was slain with the spirit! Thank God I’m not a religious man. I would argue that a new world currency based on carbon fee & dividends would unite people against their governments worldwide. I was in utopian overdrive.

After a few quick roundhouse rebuttal kicks to my ego, I quickly realized that there’s nothing more that the tin-foil-hat-gold-hoarding hordes hate more than a world currency. Feeling frail and disabused, I sat down on the beach of doom and let its comforting incoming waves envelope me with its familiar embrace.

Enter 2012, and Alex Smith’s Ecoshock Radio program’s introduction of Guy McPherson’s “near term human mass extinction” message. When I heard this, I felt like a crack-head eyeing an eight-ball (a big chunk of crack).

What I learned was that having a solution allowed me to dive deeper into the waters of doom than I would ever have dared to go before. And believe me, when you approach your 60th year, doom’n gloom doesn’t seem so off-putting as all that. I’m no shrink, but I’m pretty sure I’m entering psychopathic territory here.

This all occurred since the financial crisis of 2008. Well, now it’s 2016, and we did diddley-squat about the banks and even less about emissions. And, for some strange reason, I still feel that a phased in world carbon e-currency is somehow the answer – if there even is “an answer.” You can’t think about these things too much without some slender reed of hope, no matter how unsupportive it may appear it’s always enough to hold your weight.

Thanks for your patience. Maybe 2016 will be the year!?

( Edit, 2017:  ϟ☠☣

☣☠ϟ :Edit End, 2017-02-21 )


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