Dear Diary of Doom

Fire Hair And The Zombie Tropics Of Slaughter

Sometimes when trying to figure out what to write , I draw a blank, worry about keeping fresh and meekly refrain from writing out of fear of being without focus or aim. So hey! Why fight it? Let’s go with aimless.

Every day, I go to the collapse reddit and pick out the links related to human survival. Flipping around pages for something relevant, I stumbled across this line paraphrased for simplicity…

52% of all vertebrates gone since 1970. source

That’s when I feel my hair prick up and burn and I see a flaming wolverine living on Trump’s head.  I snap out of the dream-state of wakefulness and go into a mind’s eye trance. Smoking weed usually helps this process a lot.  If I relax and don’t really try, I see things. But first let’s set some atmosphere.

My mother died when I was four years old. She was half Norwegian and Canadian West Plains Indian. Her mother was a 13 year old native women who was bought and paid for by my grandfather who was 43 years old. They married and died a year apart in their 80s.

My father’s name was Frederick Patrick Shaun Callaghan born on St. Patricks’s Day during the Great Depression. He could never tell a simple story without shredding any mere notions of poetic license to rat shit. His grandfather drove a horse-drawn trolley track-car on the streets of Toronto in the early 1900s. People there would be sickened to know my grandfather swam in the Don River behind the Don Jail around 1920

My father’s parents were hippy dippy 1970s grandparents who used to practice what they called automatic writing, holding a pencil and letting the pencil do the writing. It’s like rap, you can’t do it if you think about it, which I never could do anyways. I thought they were wacked, but it was just their way of rebelling against organised religion. Okay. Here goes.

Non-Organic Gardening

We more or less replaced most life on earth with cows and green deserts of mutant corn and soy that we soak in poisons. These poisons combine with the monoculture root systems of GM plants to  bio-chemically degrade soil life and overall soil stability. Then, increased rainfall intensity hits a destabilized lifeless soil and washes it away down into rivers soaked with pesticides, herbicides, fecal matter, drugs and a toxic soup of tens of thousands of chemicals. More soil can be washed away in these intense downpours than during the whole rest of the year combined. These downpours will increase flooding as old civic flood systems are overwhelmed. source

Complexity Pests

My dad and I used to smoke cigarettes and check the beehives for queen sleeper cells, then he would squash them, he always got stung for that, while I never did because I literally believed that the bees loved me. I used to try to listen to the souls of the trees. In know eh? I always thought being gifted or special were good things, and now that I come near the end of my life I realize they just made me more resilient. No matter how bad life got I always believed that life itself loved me and things would get better. I don’t think that anymore, I guess I’m just still feeling liberated from my own organized resilience. source. source2

Mega-Cashless Civilization

The majority of the stock market is powered by companies borrowing free money to buy back their own stock, $500 billion since 2009. Sweden will be cashless in 5 years. When economic collapse happens (Aug-Sept 2016) you will have to be opted in to save the banks with a percentage of every dollar you invest or save. This is called negative interest rates on account of it being negative for you and positive for the banks. Everything is reverse in banking land, credits are debits and debits are credits. It’s fucking wonderful!

My hope is that this will provide people with the opportunity to create their own cashless counter-currency and banks will be forced to opt back in. Power can only be taken by force of will and is never conceded. Since money is no more than ones or zeros, we can pretty damn well make it anything we want it to be. We can even value it inversed proportionally to carbon emissions if we wanted but mobs are idiots.

China has created the biggest debt bubble since the Dutch tulip craze of a few hundred years ago. Mostly in steel and cement. They even counterfeited the Financial Crisis of 2008 making it bigger and better. Everyone’s just waiting for the penny to drop, as pennies are now only useful as deflation metaphors. The only thing that will keep the price of oil up for now is war which luckily enough the pentagon is the world’s largest consumer. And believe me, there’s nothing banks and oil companies want more than a higher oil price. Politically, the U.S.A. are gangsters and China are tradesters. If the U.S.A. goes for broke and goes down in flames in the mid-east, China and Russia will just pick up the pieces. They’re even building a new Silk Road for heaven’s sake.

Fertile Revolutionary Planes

After dying on rubber plantations and in smartphone mines, the young people of Africa will grow up to populate the rich corporate farms growing food for people in China and the West. If I were handing out Century Stupid awards, this plan would be the winner. The tropics of slaughter will be human sacrifice zones for the young and black.

Mapping The Future source.

Pale faces will lay claim to the New North allowing only elite non-whites in. The next civilization will be based almost exclusively on wealth and all maps of the world will have the Arctic in the Middle that show only water and no ocean ice. And the strong shall inherit the earth – or what’s left after we’re done. China is actually diverting major river waters north as the south succumbs to water and climate extremes first.

The private conglomerate food baskets of Australia, U.S.A. and Eastern Europe will be the first to fail near term due to systemic monoculture failures due to increased exposure to pest, heat and water extremes. If a stationary high pressure zone gets stuck over the U.S. like it did in 2010 Russia, our asses are cooked, like for sure.

The wartime economy will be the basis of these pale faces with hair on fire. While they used to say Make Love Not War, they’re too old and stupid for that now. The water-food crises will ignite the tropics of slaughter, followed by a collapse of the temperate corporate breadbaskets. After the water & food strikes, the orange man with the burning hair and the yellow witch will lead the crazy pale faces to war after the next great recession. How many strong female redheads are on television these days?

And they lived happily ever after, the end.

Each one of these paragraphs are ideas, in the shape of balls in the air, and I still can’t juggle, and pot-induced hallucinations don’t last forever, so cheers and have a good one.






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  1. ErtyerePetyere says:

    Dude ! Go easy on the weed . Most of the folks can`t understand “High” writes and than the whole enterprise becomes but a self amusement . Ok and maybe me .. but that`s it .

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