How To Lose Friends And Interrupt People

There are stories being written and spread that are so full of bullshit, that they could only come out on St. Patrick’s Day. Basically, the story goes like this, “Energy emissions went down 2 years in a row while the world economy grew at a steady 3%, therefore, we have decoupled* economic growth from emissions”. This is supposed to mean that we can have both lower emissions and economic growth. We can have our cake and eat it too. It’s The End of History again, a new ecological nirvana. Or, as Oprah would keep saying, “You get a unicorn! And you get a unicorn! Everybody gets a unicorn!”

Never mind that the actual measured amount of CO2 in the air has jumped an astonishing, never-before-recorded +3% this year! Never mind that February’s temperatures scared the fuck out of climate scientists so bad that you will no doubt hear the words, planetary emergency a lot this year. The only thing more important than this, in the coming months, will be the Trump emergency.

Although this decoupling story will be posted on nearly every “green” website, the 2 very worst sites for this crap are Common Dreams and Climate Progress. Both sites are written for progressive old farts who wish they were at the Battle In Seattle in the 90s, and for aspiring young farts who wish they were at Occupy Wall Street. I knew this was coming, they did the same story last year around this time.

It’s spring and love is in the air. It won’t be long now that Naomi Klein’s loins will moisten, and she will emerge from her green cocoon to show her face, and tell us how fucking wonderful the Germans are, and that we can all have 6X as many jobs with green energy as we can have from fossil fuel, and that the green socialist revolution will keep growing and bulging in its pants until it bursts free and fucks her silly.

For some reason, my comments are unwelcome at both these sites, which is why I started this blog in the first place. I got tired of writing the same words over and over again, just to have them deleted by moderators. In fact, my main incentive for starting this blog was to have all my argument ducks lined up in a row, all in one place, on the side of the tub. The only problem is that these decoupling stories make me so angry I can barely focus enough to spit let alone make my duckies quack.

I’ve been reading and commenting on so-called “progressive” sites for years now, and there’s 3 things I learned.

  1. Never criticize Naomi Klein or Bill McKibben for being media whores.
  2. Never criticize Noam Chomsky for saying, “911 wasn’t an inside job.”
  3. Never criticize Renewable Energy or say it’s unsustainable.

The reason these decoupling stories really piss me off is that they spread the notion that we are making progress, albeit, they solemnly intone, ever more progress is needed.

Tele-Eco-Evangelists Run Wild!
All of this is mere marketing designed to manage collapse and get rich quick before it all goes to shit. It’s like the truth is a plaything you can spin around, and if you’re good at playing with it, you can get rich and famous before it’s too late. I saw a hunting magazine last Fall telling hunters to go to Africa before all the big game are gone.

I have one very basic rule for discerning truth from fiction in the media, it goes like this, the more you notice something repeated in the media – the more likely it is not true. You may, wonder… what about you Loki? You’re pretty repetitive, aren’t you part of the media? The answer is no, I do this out of the pure, simple, worship of words and ideas. My proof? Nobody pays me to write this stuff (not that they would). And, there’s nothing the Irish love more than good bullshit, not the crap I see now everywhere .

For those who would like a primer on “green energy” or, if you really want help the planet, and get all your family and friends to hate you, then send them these links.

50 Shades of Renewable Energy

No Soil & Water Before 100% Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Is Over 50% Bullshit!

* Separating 2 dogs fucking.

Toon Time

This post is dedicated to my father, Fred Callaghan, who was born on St. Patrick’s day, and never saw a truth he didn’t like.





5 thoughts on “How To Lose Friends And Interrupt People

  1. the virgin terry says:

    mr. callaghan, speaking of losing friends and alienating sheeple, it seems i’ve been doing a good job of that recently on our friend guy mcpherson’s blog. i tried posting a comment there last night that’s yet to appear and perhaps never will there if guy has his way, since it may cut to a truth he’s very eager to keep hidden. perhaps i’ve read too many ‘conspiracy’ articles and books on subjects like assassinations, 9/11, and other false flag ops over the years, so i may be paranoid, but i’m wondering what u and others may think of the proposition that mcpherson just might be an undercover agent. at any rate, i’m determined to do my usual half-assed best to get what might be the truth out, as i see it. i appreciate others like yourself who operate in the same spirit of seeking truth, and open communication, so here below is the comment i tried posting to nbl that’s yet to appear:

    ‘the misuse of science (or the deliberate ignoring of science’ -a.k.a. stupidity, ignorance, and irrationality. i think this is more to the root of our predicament. they’re all manifest more or less in all walks of life, not just among ‘elites’, and in everything ‘we’, ‘the masses’ do. like who we vote for in politics. it’s utterly surreal. getting more radical, it might be blamed on the dumbing down effect of millennia of human domestication aka civilization. finally, it might be blamed on nature itself, on a godless meaningless indifferent nature, both within and without. nature doesn’t care, has no apparent purpose, and has not endowed us with any ‘rights’, not even to life, which might be regarded as a privilege which can be taken away at any time.

    babajingo, when u write of guy’s critics disparagingly, when u defend him, u are defending junk science (not all, but some of the ‘science’ presented on this blog consists of uncritical, unvalidated and just plain wrong, and indefensible, ‘facts’, assertions and conclusions (imo))and unsupportable claims, and a man who has developed a cult of personality that has apparently led to a degree of derangement in both he and many of his followers.

    i think guy is the one who makes these disputes personal, who goes into attack mode whenever anyone has the temerity to call him out on anything. i repeatedly emphasize whenever i do criticize that i also have much love/respect for the admirable accomplishments of guy and (t)his blog, the admirable enlightenment, awareness of our predicament, ability to countenance and try to deal with the possible/likely ‘near’ term extinction of humans and most other life, the anarchism, respect for diversity, free speech, etc. found here. all the great links, artistic, philosophical, as well as scientific, that guy and other commenters share. i have a great deal of respect for guy. there’s also sharp disagreements. it seems that u, as well as a majority of contributors here, wish to sweep all such disagreements under the rug, simply suppress them, make them go away. for all of guy’s disagreeability (apparently not a surreal word, i just invented it)… i much respect and appreciate his willingness to allow such sharp dissent. with great flaws, there can be great saving graces.

    ‘Do you still believe NTE to be nigh? ‘

    certainly not necessarily as ‘nigh’ as guy and others who apparently think/believe that valid science supports the conclusion that the particular year ‘2031’ (just for the northern hemisphere!?) or any other particular precise year marks our certain expiration date. it should be apparent to any surreal scientist that scientific projections involving systems whose complexity exceeds human understanding, like global climate, can not be made with such precision! personally, i think catastrophic collapse is yet a decade or 2 away. beyond that, self induced human extinction becomes an increasing possibility and eventual likelihood. i think of near term extinction on a timeline of uncertainty, spread out over several generations. i think it likely within a few. i think that a proper sober and much more credible and scientifically supportable conclusion.

    for such ‘heresy’ i may be labelled/smeared as a ‘denier’. smh sigh

    guy keeps claiming to want proof of the wrongness of anything he claims. he’s very hard to pin down on anything, and his errors at times, like in advocating for the work of the mysterious obscure ‘malcolm light’, are glaring. like i said, guy, i’d like to see u try to submit a paper for peer review based on your claims based upon the likes of malcolm light’s ‘science’. i’m just about sure u won’t, and i frankly suspect that u know u can’t, not successfully, at any rate.

    i wouldn’t be shocked if it turned out that guy’s an intelligence agent, a very gifted one, one who combines valid science/claims with unvalid ones, perhaps to lure doomers while simultaneously discrediting and sowing dissension among us and monitoring us. as many here are aware, ‘intelligence’ as well as law enforcement agencies have made it their business for a long time to do such things to radical dissenters. such players are crucial to the control of empire, this monitoring and management of dissent. whatever it takes to control and neutralize, to ensure nothing and no one gets in the way of the dominant agenda. i imagine guy will take immense affront to this observation (it’s not an accusation), perhaps surreal, perhaps not. guy’s a great mystery. on one hand, he’s done more than any individual i know of to promote awareness of our predicament, and on the other, to surreal deniers, he’s probably supplied more ammunition than anyone to them to marginalize doomers as crackpots. so i just don’t know, and i have my suspicions, based on knowledge of the great lengths that tptb will go to to control us. this idea, as easy as it may be to disparage/dismiss, seems as likely as any i can conceive of to explain the mystery that is guy mcpherson’s public persona.


    • since I don’t know right from wrong, and i’m addicted to blog visitor numbers, and most of visits come nbl’s way, I’ll just chicken shittedly not post your comment until you’re otherwise informed, thnx
      with proof, no thought is too absurd, mostly


  2. ErtyerePetyere says:

    “since I don’t know right from wrong, and i’m addicted to blog visitor numbers, and most of visits come nbl’s way, I’ll just chicken shittedly not post your comment until you’re otherwise informed, thnx
    with proof, no thought is too absurd, mostly”

    Oh i got it thats why you have deleted my comment .. Did it appear to you “To Absurd “?! well thas OK . No need to get upset that there are folks looking at these thins from an even higher perspective than you do .. That`s How you learn that you can go even higher . Eventually you`l get there Maybe Not

    “No reason to get excited”, the thief he kindly spoke
    “There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke
    But you and I (maybe not you ), we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate
    So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late”.

    sure you can delete this comment as well … It is a compliment .


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