Collapse Capitalism

We’re not managing decline of middle classes with Disaster Capitalism.

We are managing collapse of all civilization with Collapse Capitalism.

We are fighting mass extinction with fire extinguishers.

Some say renewable energy will solve this with a green jobs bonanza.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The 2013 Top Ten solar companies made

75 million panels in 2013,

7 million were American,

68 million were Asian.


Cars use 10% of total world energy demand.

Electric grid power uses 20% of total world energy demand.

Buildings use 52% of total world energy demand.

2.4 billion new urban dwellers will arrive by 2050 born or fled.

75% of the infrastructure they require is not yet built.

► 50-80% more energy will be needed to house and feed them.

50% more emissions will result from housing & feeding them.

BY 2050 IN 34 YEARS

We will reach 9 billion.

We have to grow 50% more food to feed them.

We will have 50% less soil to grow it.

We will have 50% less water to grow it.

We will have 50% crop losses.

50% of the world’s people survive on rice.

50% of rice paddies are threatened.

We will have 50% more demand for meat.

Ocean fishing will end by 2050.

Human agriculture will end by 2070 – 55 years.

Heat alone will destroy tropical habitability and crop lands by 2050.

Drought and heat will destroy north temperate crops by 2050.

By 2050, Mediterranean precipitation will drop 30%.

Short intense downpours will flood and wash away dry soils.

It only took a 7% drop in precipitation to create the 1930s Dust Bowl.

It begins here.


All figures subject to change without notification – for the worse.

STARTHow To Lose Friends And Interrupt People

ENDCollapse Data Cheat Sheet – written February 2015

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2 thoughts on “Collapse Capitalism

  1. Scribbler assiduously dumps fresh loads of climate disruption news at his blog, always coated with a liberal helping of “there is still time” hopium, even though the loads come bigger and more frequent. Does the real dump have infinite capacity, or is it finite? If finite, is it not important to know when it will reach its limit?

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