The Black Blizzard

The Black Blizzard was a term first coined in the 1930s, during the Dust Bowl years. If you saw the movie Interstellar, you can get a sense of it as depicted in that film. But, for a far better view and feel for how bad the Dust Bowl years were, you can watch this excellent video below, replete with historical film footage of the devastation.

The Great Plains are inexorably drifting into a mega drought. But, as you will see in this next video lecture, not every year has less rain than the last. A few years of rain between several years of increasingly intense droughts is not a trend breaker.

Dr. William Patzert, Climatologist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, explains droughts, which are scary enough, but he is not talking about Mega Droughts.

Melting Snows: The Threatened Lifeblood of the Western US

A lecture by Dr. Thomas Painter, Research Scientist in the Water and Carbon Cycles Group, in the Earth Sciences Section, JPL.

6 Major Cities That Are Running Out of Water

10 Megacities Most In Danger Of Drought (annoying but short & informative)

California mega-drought could last more than a century


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