Cupid’s Green Arrow

Today’s effort involves listing renewable energy failures worldwide.
Every time I find a failure, I have a drink.

Smoke Trails From The Sky
The $2.2 billion Ivanpah concentrated solar power facility in California has fallen well short of its expected power output and now has a year to get itself back on track, or it risks being forced to shut down.

Thousands of the endangered desert tortoise were killed in their dried lake bed habitat by construction equipment. The panels attract insects, followed by the birds who prey on them who literally burst into flames and fall in a streaming smoke trail to the earth.

Tesla Musk Stink Bug
Elon Musk’s Tesla has quietly removed all references to its 10-kilowatt-hour residential battery from the Powerwall website, as well as the company’s press kit. The company’s smaller battery designed for daily cycling is all that remains. Low fossil fuel and generator costs make big lithium batteries unattractive.

Solar City Musk Stink Bug Smells Bad
Musk scented Solar City in Nevada keeps 100% of their customer’s carbon credits and passes them onto utilities, who are mandated by law to provide a certain amount of renewable energy. So you get the debt and they get all the credits for renewable energy you produce which they are supposed to produce by law. The customer goes into debt to pay for power utility emission reductions. How fucked up can you get?

Bio-Fraud: The Massive Taxpayer Losses of Failed Cellulosic and Algal Biofuels
Sometimes I leave plastic containers of food in the fridge so long that they smell bad when my wife opens them. She calls them “science experiments”. This is a really really big sheow!

Greener Pastures
Since 2009, 112 solar energy companies in the United States and European Union declared bankruptcy as Asia undercut world prices by ignoring all health, safety, environmental and financial regulations.

A Fraud So Big It Will Kill Earth
The European Union’s carbon market, the EU ETS, is meant to cut pollution in a cost effective way. But a new report shows that it handed the EU’s biggest emitters a €24bn bumper payout over six years. Not so much the ‘polluter pays’ principle but the precise opposite: People Pay Polluters Profit.

World Hack 101
Europe’s carbon-trading market was supposed to be capitalism’s solution to global warming. Instead, it became a playground for gangsters, international crime syndicates, and even two-bit crooks — who stole hundreds of millions of dollars in pollution credits.

Massive Green Quarterly Fraud Report
All hands steady, ‘cept for some naughty black kitties, who lost their mitties. My next report will be on The Ecosystemic Fraud Of Green Ecologies, the basis of which is that there is no such a thing.


Oh woah black kitty


Oh woah black kitty


Black kitty had kittens


Damn things lost their mittens


Now, they’re always steady,

But they’re never ready.













3 thoughts on “Cupid’s Green Arrow

  1. tagio says:

    Just found your blog thanks to a mention on Tverberg’s Our Finite World. Thank you for creating it and keeping it going. I’ve started reading the links and watching the vids. Great synthesis of the material for someone who wants to get a better understanding!

    Have you ever considered making an evaluation, based on the projections for the rest of this century, of the areas of the world that will have the best chance of food and water survival? E.g., in the Northern Hemisphere, northwards seems better, but, really, there’s still going to be less direct sunlight and shorter growing seasons, so even though it’s going to be warmer, not as prone to droughts or superstorms, etc., still might not support much of a population, plus there’s the factor of maintaining enough trees to keep warm in the winter. In the Southern Hemisphere, Southern Chile, Uruguay, northern Argentina and New Zealand seem to have postional advantages. I understand that we are all pretty well screwed, but where are the screw-ees going to be going in hopes of escaping destiny?

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