Lost Links

My wife is relieved to hear that I understand I’m caught deep within the vortex of an egomaniacal self-reinforcing narcissistic positive feedback loop over which I have absolutely no self-control. And I’m like, shyea!

So, by my best guesstimates, here are my near term projections, with the caveat, that all numbers are always subject to change without notice:

By 2030

we will have 1 billion more people

we will need 25% more food for them

we will need 20% more water

we will have 20% less soil

we will have 25% less water

we will have 25% more drought

we will have 50%  more thirst, hunger and war


When I was young I tried to get spaced out, now I try to get spaced in.


It’s not how fast accelerating speed goes, it’s how you get there intact.


Earth shattering youth links for World Water Day, was that like yesterday already?


I believe droughts can become self-reinforcing in more ways than one. Take this drought map, if you stare at it, you can see the date change to say, 2015-2030. If you stare at it until the edges of your vision turns greyish-white, and blurs out of focus, you can easily see why Syria is just the very beginning.


When I let off stinkers, I always blame the dog.
But, once the groundwater’s gone, so are all bets.


How To Serve Humans.
We will reach 3°C  way ahead of schedule, but you already knew that, didn’t you?


Take Away Water And Add Heat


Here are the latest warnings for California this year from NASA scientist, Jay Famiglietti. Be sure to watch the video at this link.
“Our July 2015 study showed that over half of the world’s 37 major aquifers have exceeded sustainability tipping points and are being rapidly depleted. There are no ‘solutions’ to the global groundwater crisis. In many of the most heavily populated regions of the world, we simply use more water than is available on Earth’s surface – in rivers and in reservoirs – on an annual renewable basis. We make up the shortfall by tapping supplies of groundwater, much of which is nonrenewable, in places from California’s Central Valley to the southern Great Plains, to northern India and the North China Plain. And once it’s gone, in many cases, it’s gone for good.”



3 thoughts on “Lost Links

  1. This takes us to another energy/growth study with troubling details of argument. How are ‘renewables’ that generate electricity go to address the vast, non-electrical energy “needs” – some 80% of total energy uses? Will somebody please tell a coherent and documented whole story?

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    • 50% of TWED is building construction and urban infrastructure, mostly steel and concrete. There is a lot of talk of carbon negative cement, probably too costly. As for being coherent, that’s tough, although the best I may muster would be inchoate.


  2. B says:

    “My wife is relieved to hear that I understand I’m caught …”

    My g/f: “How can you read about that all the time? Don’t you need a break?”
    Me: “I don’t only read about that, last night when you came home I was reading about Fallujah and possible war crimes. Ya know, lighter stuff.”

    We both laughed because it was true. If I was born before Gutenberg I have no idea what I’d do with my time. Happy hunting.

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