Hot Mess Political Climate

People say cognitive dissonance like they got immunity. But I know damn well, I can’t get through the day without it.

Europe’s Dust Bowl will be 3X drier than America’s Dust Bowl.

By 2050 the Greater European Mediterranean will be 30% drier than now.

In 1934 the Great American Dust Bowl was 10% drier than before.

Europe’s Warning!
Extreme temperatures and dry conditions as observed this year are likely to increase in frequency and severity over the coming decades, posing great challenges to our societies.
– Dr. Jürgen Vogt

We Will Never Run Out Of Expensive Fertilizer
After The Cheap Stuff Is Gone!

Phosphorus: Starvation And The Philosopher’s Stone

Potassium: MUST Be Cheap To Mine!

The No Situation Room
We will run out of cheap fertilizers, good soil, reliable weather, groundwater, fresh surface water and mountain snow packs all at the same time that heat, extreme weather, energy costs and populations increase.
Food Math
Too Much Bad Stuff + Too Little Good Stuff = Hunger + War

But Before Hunger Comes Poverty
China spent the last 20 years building more steel, concrete and pavement than the whole world combined. The U.S.A. spent the last 20 years on massive weapons systems.
Both countries are going for broke and refuse to recognize losses.
The West went bust in 2008.
Asia went bust in 2015.
Both are fraud bubbles.
We will spend the next year voting for one fraud or another.

The Great China Crash will make The Great Recession seem a soft landing.

After Poverty Comes The Hot Mess
Why baseball pitchers hit the batter more often in August. (starts @ 35:38)

The End






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