Social Darwinian Cannibalistic Slavery

Did you ever see a snake eat its tail? You will now.

I got a rain day off work mowing grass, so I’m feeling pissy.

Renewables deliver 10% of total world electrical use  (Chris Martenson).

But, total world electrical use is only 20% of total world energy use.

So we solved 2% of our total energy emissions problem,

but only temporarily going forward, using simplistic math theory.

Solar and wind only last 20+ years.

Then they have to be replaced.

Wind turbines break down due to… wait for it… wind.

Solar panels lose 1% efficiency per year due to… wait for it… sunlight.

By the time we provide 50% of the world with solar and wind power, we will have to start replacing the first ones we built.

It’s like the Golden Gate Bridge or Eiffel Tower, by the time you’re done painting them, you have to start over.

Think about this, if we have to build solar and wind power 40 times faster over 20 years than we do now to stay under 2 °C, then in 20+ years we’ll also have to restart replacing them 40 times faster. How long will that last? Like forever, like in heaven?

Renewable Energy Is Unsustainable
Without Mega Demand Destruction

Our incredible ability to deny the simple realities of life will lead to more poverty and inequality as slavery makes up for lost energy.

We are not dealing with reality, we are only trying to feel better about our lives before we die and leave our kids a living hell on earth.

Here is where 75% of solar panels come from.

China down-plays coal use, up-plays economic growth while we crow about lower emissions decoupling from economic growth thanks to wind & solar power. Euro-American solar companies are declaring bankruptcy en masse, while every banker and his cousin are praying for oil price hikes. Energy and honesty are at present, mutually exclusive words.

Sex and death are real. God and money, are not.

Quick! The Antidote!


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