Earthquake Swarms & Rapid Magnetic Pole Flips

Magnetic pole flips can take up to a 1,000+ years from start to finish, during which time the earth can have as many as 5 – 7 simultaneous magnetic poles slowly swirling around the planet, each taking as long as ten years to pass over any geographic area. These multiple roaming poles will burn huge swaths of earth with radiation for as long as a decade at a time. This will devastate animal and plant life. If you would like to learn more about magnetic pole flip, watch the following video below.

This excellent video makes very clear the heightened risk we face of solar mass ejections disrupting our electrical infrastructure due to our shifting poles. And believe me, you have no idea how bad it can get when a teen can’t charge his phone, surf the net or text anyone.

Satellites are presently shut down when passing over the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly to guard against electronic damage. People in this area will be subject to heightened radiation exposures during their lifetimes, which will lead to many premature deaths for people living there. There is some geological evidence of magnetic pole flip in as little as a dozen years, although I forget the title of the peer reviewed publication.

This magnetic pole flip will very likely cause increased earthquake swarms. But don’t forget, groundwater and glacial mass loss will add to the earthquake chaos. As our planet succumbs to deadly amounts of increased solar radiation, super storms, droughts, floods, starvation and massive deprivation, what’s left of humanity will have to live under the surface of the earth to survive, assuming we haven’t slid too far on the down side of peak knowledge. Human knowledge has now gone exponential. But, just how late are we?  Just imagine how much knowledge will be lost if computers are shut down due to a solar mass discharge hitting earth.

If you look at the earthquake swarm in the following video, you can see that the latest earthquakes in Asia line up exactly where the poles would theoretically meet.

Keeping all the above in mind, watch this next report that warns of climate weather extremes happening in as little as 10 years.



My Bernie Burn Axe Grind

The Bernie Sanders & Barbara Boxer carbon tax dividend bill would allow the federal government to claim 40% of your carbon tax dividend money. This is wrong. James Hansen wants you to get 100% back with 0% for national governments.

Now if we do this all over the world, we can make the dividend payments by phone in a borderless open currency free of government involvement. This would provide the financial incentive to realize the COP21 agenda. Since nation-state governments get 0%, both conservatives and liberals will unite. Technology will allow us to phase in this paradigm shift over 10 years. We can increase world government and cut back on national government to rationalize world economic asymmetries such as national currency values.

We Can Do That… And The Other Thing
– John Kennedy

The European currency is as failed as others because it is politics too big to fail. Since about the only thing computers are good for is snooping on your business, we might as well put them to good use counting our money openly and honestly. I’ve always said people only believe 2 things, god and money, both are not really real, we just made them up. We can at least grow up about money before we let the world go to rat shit. While socialism is good, it’s not good enough. We do not have time for a world wide socialist revolution. You know this is true. We have to move faster than that. We have to try harder than that. We are better than this.

Now I know no one likes that, but this is the alternative:

Word Bullets from Today’s Headlines!

► Spanish banks get bailout.

► Italian banks press for big bailout.

► Austrian bank forces bail in.

► Deutsche bank caught manipulating bullion markets.

► HSBC caught manipulating again this time in bullion markets.

► Swiss Bank whistleblower says Panama papers CIA op.


Neocons will force depression to boost war bubble rebound.

The only way to unite the world is with 100% private carbon dividends.

We can’t let nations fuck this up.

Not doing so is a clear and present danger.

Make Bernie do what’s right!



Planet Terror

Paul Beckwith says we could nuke a desert every few years to send sand high into the sky to cool earth. He claims this idea is just a “thought experiment” .

He reminds me of those B-grade movie thrillers about a cheating husband who’s mistress awkwardly first brings up the idea of killing his wife.

James Hansen’s latest video is scaring the hell out climate scientists. James says that sea levels will rise a meter/decade by 2050-2060, which alone will collapse civilization because much of our best croplands are in river deltas next to the sea. But James kicks it up a notch when he talks about near term super-storms so strong they can hurl 2000 ton rocks up from the sea floor to hit land 100 feet above sea level. A weak La Niña is expected this summer, and La Niñas always lead to increased Atlantic hurricane activity. I suspect that even a weak La Niña this summer  “could” set off category 6 Atlantic hurricanes for the upcoming storm season.

Robert Scribbler is a risk analyst (not someone you want to play poker with) who pisses his pants after assessing Hansen’s super storm projections.



World Drought Map 2016


Mediterranean drought worst in 900 years.

Mideast drought worst in 900 years.

Brazil drought worst in 80 years.

China has worst drought in 60 years.

India drought ignored by media.

Philippines drought leaves 2 shot dead in clash with police.

Thailand crops suffer from worst drought in 15 years.

South African drought leaves failed crops and water shortages.

Caribbean drought looms large.

Current Conditions

At the end of February 2016, El Nino continues to exert its influence across the earth and is expected to continue at least through spring of 2016. February was the warmest February on record (137 year history) for the earth, according to NOAA and NASA. In Europe, drought conditions further intensified around the Mediterranean Sea this month. In Asia, drought remains entrenched across the Indian sub-continent, around Mongolia, and in the West. Tree ring research in the Middle East indicate the present drought, beginning in 1998, is likely the most severe in the last 900 years, according to NASA. In Vietnam, the Mekong River is at its lowest level since 1926. In Africa, short-term drought intensified again this month in the northern portion of the continent, around the Mediterranean, and remains intense in the South. In Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls are being affected by the Zambezi River flowing at a 30-year low. If the drought continues, downstream hydroelectric power is expected to be reduced or stopped in the next six months. In Morocco, drought has reduced the wheat harvest by half. In North America, drought remains entrenched in the higher latitudes, while the Southwestern U.S. experienced some drying. In the US Pacific Northwest, an ample snowpack has improved, and is expected to further improve, drought conditions there. In South America, drought remains in the northern part of the continent while the South saw much-needed rain again this month. In Colombia, farmers from the Bolivar Province have abandoned their land after drought ruined their crops. In Oceana, drought continues in Southern Australia and Papua New Guinea. Australian beef sales to the U.S. have increased over the past three years, while drought in the U.S. Southwest reduced livestock there. Source




How We Will Lose Our Air And Water

Methodology And Madness: I pick up shit and throw it at the wall, if some sticks, I read the splattered entrails, combining past and present patterns, to foretell the future. There’s not too much difference between science and magic, some think it indistinguishable.

I had to change a sewage pump the other day in the trailer park where I cut grass, and for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about crazy shit. Here it is:

Ten thousand years ago we studied the spilled guts, shit and bones of dead animals to foretell the future, now days we use computer models, but not much has really changed, has it? The medium is still the message, just the complexity and granularity has changed. In other words, same shit, different pile (or compiler for you computer geeks out there).

Fecal Spray Pattern Analysis (shit talk)

Our air is 78% nitrogen and our planet is 75% covered in water. Nobody’s really sure how come we have so much of both water and nitrogen, but I imagine when the moon hit earth, it left a lot behind. Whatever — but water does contain many unusual and nearly magical properties conducive for life on earth, for instance, it floats when solid, allowing life to live underneath ice in extreme cold. Water really is magic. So is air. If you don’t believe me try not breathing for a while.

How We Will Snuff Out Our Oxygen And Atmosphere

Life first formed around underwater thermal vents and later evolved to use the energy of sunlight to give us oxygen to breathe. Plants left the oceans and became the sunlight-loving giants we know today as trees. These trees act as chemical batteries that preserve not only our oxygen but also preserve us from the vacuum of space. It takes life to maintain life. It takes a certain amount of biomass to sustain all biomass. We are destroying trees so fast, we are in danger of snuffing out not only our oxygen, but our atmosphere itself.

You can read about it here. By reading this article twice, you can skip through the tedious math and still see the overall picture, if you are so inclined. This is a truly scary read. Just imagine a young Stephen King with a bag of coke and a science degree.

Click to access 9511.full.pdf

How  CO2 Can Send Our Oceans Into Space

When CO2 hits 1,520 ppm, oceans evaporate more and the extra heat allows ultra-violet light to separate water’s hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen then combines with nitrogen and drifts off into space along with the loose hydrogen. After millions of years, the oceans will be gone, along with a helluva lot of nitrogen. This would leave us with no oceans or nitrogen, the 2 things we have most of now. Life’s sure funny if not ironic.

So when people tell you the earth will be fine without us, just know it ain’t necessarily so.

Now all this shit talk might have left you short of breath and thirsty…

The Antidote:

Do you know what the difference between a woman in a church and a woman in a bath is?

The woman in church has hope in her soul.*


  • feel free to switch genders.

1.5°C is Gone, Seas Rise One Meter/Decade, China’s Smog Is Saving Life On Earth!

The Triple Witching Hour Of Climate Science Is Here!

Kevin Anderson’s latest slide lecture presents the optimistic view saying the rich have a 33% chance of 2° C if they cut emissions 10%/year for 50 years. This is the optimistic video and that  statement is as hopeful as it gets. A riveting, morbidly fascinating soap box train wreck. He also bids adieu to 1.5°, but there’s tons more here. Kevin is both an energy and climate specialist.

This is one of Guy McPherson’s best presentation lectures yet. He hammers down concrete evidence that China’s smog is preventing a 3° C earth temperature rise which will quickly destroy human habitat. After the economy crashes, the ecology collapses. Guy then presents evidence of past 3°C earth temperature rise in as little as 15 years. This guy carries more feedback loops in his back pocket than Hawaii has hula hoops. The background music really helps you absorb all the intense bad news.

James Hansen says sea levels can rise as fast as 1 meter/decade after 2050. James is the Ayatollah of RocknRolla of predictive climate science. It is my opinion that these 3 guys should get married and have kids. Enjoy, you’ll learn more than you bargained for.