How We Will Lose Our Air And Water

Methodology And Madness: I pick up shit and throw it at the wall, if some sticks, I read the splattered entrails, combining past and present patterns, to foretell the future. There’s not too much difference between science and magic, some think it indistinguishable.

I had to change a sewage pump the other day in the trailer park where I cut grass, and for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about crazy shit. Here it is:

Ten thousand years ago we studied the spilled guts, shit and bones of dead animals to foretell the future, now days we use computer models, but not much has really changed, has it? The medium is still the message, just the complexity and granularity has changed. In other words, same shit, different pile (or compiler for you computer geeks out there).

Fecal Spray Pattern Analysis (shit talk)

Our air is 78% nitrogen and our planet is 75% covered in water. Nobody’s really sure how come we have so much of both water and nitrogen, but I imagine when the moon hit earth, it left a lot behind. Whatever — but water does contain many unusual and nearly magical properties conducive for life on earth, for instance, it floats when solid, allowing life to live underneath ice in extreme cold. Water really is magic. So is air. If you don’t believe me try not breathing for a while.

How We Will Snuff Out Our Oxygen And Atmosphere

Life first formed around underwater thermal vents and later evolved to use the energy of sunlight to give us oxygen to breathe. Plants left the oceans and became the sunlight-loving giants we know today as trees. These trees act as chemical batteries that preserve not only our oxygen but also preserve us from the vacuum of space. It takes life to maintain life. It takes a certain amount of biomass to sustain all biomass. We are destroying trees so fast, we are in danger of snuffing out not only our oxygen, but our atmosphere itself.

You can read about it here. By reading this article twice, you can skip through the tedious math and still see the overall picture, if you are so inclined. This is a truly scary read. Just imagine a young Stephen King with a bag of coke and a science degree.

How  CO2 Can Send Our Oceans Into Space

When CO2 hits 1,520 ppm, oceans evaporate more and the extra heat allows ultra-violet light to separate water’s hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen then combines with nitrogen and drifts off into space along with the loose hydrogen. After millions of years, the oceans will be gone, along with a helluva lot of nitrogen. This would leave us with no oceans or nitrogen, the 2 things we have most of now. Life’s sure funny if not ironic.

So when people tell you the earth will be fine without us, just know it ain’t necessarily so.

Now all this shit talk might have left you short of breath and thirsty…

The Antidote:

Do you know what the difference between a woman in a church and a woman in a bath is?

The woman in church has hope in her soul.*


  • feel free to switch genders.

5 thoughts on “How We Will Lose Our Air And Water

  1. Sunger says:

    Please don’t suggest that going to church is the answer here. We in the US are dealing wth mean nasty religious haters and just don’t want to be preached at ever again.
    Thanks for all your good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tagio says:

    Just found your blog a couple of weeks ago. I appreciate the emphasis you put on the facts that (i) agriculture and water depletion (in association with increased population) will likely lead to a huge human die-off before “climate change” does, and (ii) that “green energy” is another capitalist scam. Given the info you lay out concerning (i) (which was a revelation to me, thank you), it seems that a primary focus on “climate change” is misleading and diverting us from confronting the main issue, which is the need to change “our way of life,” i.e., we need “demand destruction,” as you put it.

    However, re: climate change, could you recommend a good paper that explains how/why increased CO2 /carbon in the atmosphere leads to increased termparature of the atmosphere? This seems to be the lynchpin of the whole “global warming” alarm, and I don’t get how that works.


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