World Drought Map 2016


Mediterranean drought worst in 900 years.

Mideast drought worst in 900 years.

Brazil drought worst in 80 years.

China has worst drought in 60 years.

India drought ignored by media.

Philippines drought leaves 2 shot dead in clash with police.

Thailand crops suffer from worst drought in 15 years.

South African drought leaves failed crops and water shortages.

Caribbean drought looms large.

Current Conditions

At the end of February 2016, El Nino continues to exert its influence across the earth and is expected to continue at least through spring of 2016. February was the warmest February on record (137 year history) for the earth, according to NOAA and NASA. In Europe, drought conditions further intensified around the Mediterranean Sea this month. In Asia, drought remains entrenched across the Indian sub-continent, around Mongolia, and in the West. Tree ring research in the Middle East indicate the present drought, beginning in 1998, is likely the most severe in the last 900 years, according to NASA. In Vietnam, the Mekong River is at its lowest level since 1926. In Africa, short-term drought intensified again this month in the northern portion of the continent, around the Mediterranean, and remains intense in the South. In Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls are being affected by the Zambezi River flowing at a 30-year low. If the drought continues, downstream hydroelectric power is expected to be reduced or stopped in the next six months. In Morocco, drought has reduced the wheat harvest by half. In North America, drought remains entrenched in the higher latitudes, while the Southwestern U.S. experienced some drying. In the US Pacific Northwest, an ample snowpack has improved, and is expected to further improve, drought conditions there. In South America, drought remains in the northern part of the continent while the South saw much-needed rain again this month. In Colombia, farmers from the Bolivar Province have abandoned their land after drought ruined their crops. In Oceana, drought continues in Southern Australia and Papua New Guinea. Australian beef sales to the U.S. have increased over the past three years, while drought in the U.S. Southwest reduced livestock there. Source




4 thoughts on “World Drought Map 2016

  1. Tom says:

    We’re on the upward rise of the exponential heat curve (tied to the CO2 measurements), and this summer should prove “v e e e dy in-ter-est-ing.”
    (ala Artie Johnson from the ol’ Laugh In show).

    Good job Robert.

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  2. peacelily4585 says:

    We are at the cusp of reality here and yet the masses have been kept ignorant by governments who understand the violence and chaos that climate change will bring. It is coming on rapidly.

    Liked by 1 person

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