Planet Terror

Paul Beckwith says we could nuke a desert every few years to send sand high into the sky to cool earth. He claims this idea is just a “thought experiment” .

He reminds me of those B-grade movie thrillers about a cheating husband who’s mistress awkwardly first brings up the idea of killing his wife.

James Hansen’s latest video is scaring the hell out climate scientists. James says that sea levels will rise a meter/decade by 2050-2060, which alone will collapse civilization because much of our best croplands are in river deltas next to the sea. But James kicks it up a notch when he talks about near term super-storms so strong they can hurl 2000 ton rocks up from the sea floor to hit land 100 feet above sea level. A weak La Niña is expected this summer, and La Niñas always lead to increased Atlantic hurricane activity. I suspect that even a weak La Niña this summer  “could” set off category 6 Atlantic hurricanes for the upcoming storm season.

Robert Scribbler is a risk analyst (not someone you want to play poker with) who pisses his pants after assessing Hansen’s super storm projections.



2 thoughts on “Planet Terror

  1. Tom says:

    Generally speaking, people have no idea what’s already baked in (in terms of temperatures, storm activity and severity, sea level rise, disease spread, die-off of species, crop loss and food scarcity, water shortages, etc) and will blithely continue along, doing what they’re doing, until they can’t. At that point they’ll be completely surprised and overwhelmed and chaos will reign as human population is diminished rapidly. The way I like to put it is: Everyone is planning (or assuming) a future that won’t be there.

    Thanks for keeping up the good work Robert.

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