My Bernie Burn Axe Grind

The Bernie Sanders & Barbara Boxer carbon tax dividend bill would allow the federal government to claim 40% of your carbon tax dividend money. This is wrong. James Hansen wants you to get 100% back with 0% for national governments.

Now if we do this all over the world, we can make the dividend payments by phone in a borderless open currency free of government involvement. This would provide the financial incentive to realize the COP21 agenda. Since nation-state governments get 0%, both conservatives and liberals will unite. Technology will allow us to phase in this paradigm shift over 10 years. We can increase world government and cut back on national government to rationalize world economic asymmetries such as national currency values.

We Can Do That… And The Other Thing
– John Kennedy

The European currency is as failed as others because it is politics too big to fail. Since about the only thing computers are good for is snooping on your business, we might as well put them to good use counting our money openly and honestly. I’ve always said people only believe 2 things, god and money, both are not really real, we just made them up. We can at least grow up about money before we let the world go to rat shit. While socialism is good, it’s not good enough. We do not have time for a world wide socialist revolution. You know this is true. We have to move faster than that. We have to try harder than that. We are better than this.

Now I know no one likes that, but this is the alternative:

Word Bullets from Today’s Headlines!

► Spanish banks get bailout.

► Italian banks press for big bailout.

► Austrian bank forces bail in.

► Deutsche bank caught manipulating bullion markets.

► HSBC caught manipulating again this time in bullion markets.

► Swiss Bank whistleblower says Panama papers CIA op.


Neocons will force depression to boost war bubble rebound.

The only way to unite the world is with 100% private carbon dividends.

We can’t let nations fuck this up.

Not doing so is a clear and present danger.

Make Bernie do what’s right!



5 thoughts on “My Bernie Burn Axe Grind

  1. Sticky issue. A full disclosure/discussion would factor in what tax credit revenues would be used for – by individuals getting 100%, (prorated ?) and/or by federal governments getting 40%. A Bernie claim is that the trade off would be for universal health and education systems, offsetting payment to for-profit corporations for same. At least, let’s look at the whole picture rather than buying a too simplistic, hopium cure. Stickiness comes from complexity–in spades.


  2. colinc says:

    From the article’s second paragraph…

    This would provide the financial incentive to realize the COP21 agenda. Since nation-state governments get 0%, both conservatives and liberals will unite. Technology will allow us to phase in this paradigm shift over 10 years.

    First, while it MIGHT provide [A} financial incentive, THAT won’t even be 10% of what is necessary to “realize the COP21 agenda.” I know you seem to consider that “math is hard,” but it really isn’t and, in this case, it’s pretty straight-forward.

    Second, anyone paying even the least bit of attention to “politics” over the past 3 decades, and even further back in time, SHOULD know that, like any “business,” _IT_ is ALL about the mother-fuckin’ money. The ONLY way that “conservatives and liberals will unite” in this regard is in utter and complete opposition to it. I’m surprised YOU don’t seem to know that.

    Third, _IF_ such a program could be initiated NOW, resulting in a “paradigm shift over [the next] 10 years,” what difference could it possibly make? Will climate and weather patterns NOT continue, over those 10 yrs, to diverge further from what we’ve known and become accustomed? During this next decade, will NOT fossil fuels become even more difficult to extract and process resulting in further restrictions on available energy-inputs to even maintain current living arrangements? Will the next decade NOT see further wealth-extraction from anyone and everyone NOT in the 0.1% of already too-wealthy individuals/families? Will there NOT be MORE suffering and death by that other 99.9%? Do I need to elaborate more on so many other factors that you, yourself, have noted pointing in only one direction?

    I REALLY _DO_ like your perceptiveness and enthusiasm, RC, but, c’mon, get a grip, man. Maybe listen to your dog a little “more closelier” whilst sharing some tasty herb or fungi. It couldn’t “hurt.” 🙂


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