Earthquake Swarms & Rapid Magnetic Pole Flips

Magnetic pole flips can take up to a 1,000+ years from start to finish, during which time the earth can have as many as 5 – 7 simultaneous magnetic poles slowly swirling around the planet, each taking as long as ten years to pass over any geographic area. These multiple roaming poles will burn huge swaths of earth with radiation for as long as a decade at a time. This will devastate animal and plant life. If you would like to learn more about magnetic pole flip, watch the following video below.

This excellent video makes very clear the heightened risk we face of solar mass ejections disrupting our electrical infrastructure due to our shifting poles. And believe me, you have no idea how bad it can get when a teen can’t charge his phone, surf the net or text anyone.

Satellites are presently shut down when passing over the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly to guard against electronic damage. People in this area will be subject to heightened radiation exposures during their lifetimes, which will lead to many premature deaths for people living there. There is some geological evidence of magnetic pole flip in as little as a dozen years, although I forget the title of the peer reviewed publication.

This magnetic pole flip will very likely cause increased earthquake swarms. But don’t forget, groundwater and glacial mass loss will add to the earthquake chaos. As our planet succumbs to deadly amounts of increased solar radiation, super storms, droughts, floods, starvation and massive deprivation, what’s left of humanity will have to live under the surface of the earth to survive, assuming we haven’t slid too far on the down side of peak knowledge. Human knowledge has now gone exponential. But, just how late are we?  Just imagine how much knowledge will be lost if computers are shut down due to a solar mass discharge hitting earth.

If you look at the earthquake swarm in the following video, you can see that the latest earthquakes in Asia line up exactly where the poles would theoretically meet.

Keeping all the above in mind, watch this next report that warns of climate weather extremes happening in as little as 10 years.



5 thoughts on “Earthquake Swarms & Rapid Magnetic Pole Flips

  1. colinc says:

    Thanks for the above links, RC. I was not able to read the NYT “….Dark Age…” article via your link. If anyone encounters similar trouble, try one of the following…

    Those worked when I tried them. (Note, you MIGHT have to disable Ad Block.) I think the article was worth the effort, at least for me.

    Otherwise, in the topmost video, I found it interesting that the graph of “Earth’s Weakening Shield,” at about the 8:38 mark, the illustrated downward curve is yet another “exponential.”

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