Collapse Calligraphy – The Angle of The Dangle

Total World Energy Demand = TWED
Robert Scribbler tells us Tesla’s on the up and up.
But, cars are only 10% of TWED.
Electric grid power is only 20% of TWED.
100% electric cars + 100% renewable grid = 30% TWED.
This doesn’t include new infrastructure and resource costs.
Child slaves in the Congo dig cobalt for lithium batteries.
But really, who gives a fuck?
100 years ago, millions died in the Congo for rubber for car tires.
10 years ago, millions died in the Congo for smart phone minerals.
In 2007, the IPCC said emissions must peak by 2015. They’re up.
In 2011, the Middle East dried up.
In 2013, Asia makes 75% of all the world’s solar panels.
In 2014, the IPCC said emissions must peak by 2030. They lie.
In 2015, we burn woman and children alive in hospitals for our way of life.
In 2016, our children look at video screens 8 hours per day.
They are not allowed to play outside alone.
They have less attention spans than goldfish.
In 2015, people actually invest in unicorns.
In 2016, people actually believe in Hillary Kissinger.
Before collapse, we go mad, the end.

3 thoughts on “Collapse Calligraphy – The Angle of The Dangle

  1. dave thompson says:

    Copy paste and post this notice to the people. There is a new social activist movement, called “SHUT IT DOWN”. Wherein we the people, shut the system down by, staying home from work, not spending any money we can SHUT IT DOWN. The economy as is, is teetering on the brink, with zero to no growth and it would not take much to SHUT IT DOWN. We the people can do this with out any demonstrating or window breaking, we all just stay home and SHUT IT DOWN. The PTB cannot send out riot troops, they cannot teargas us, the PTB will be defenseless when we stay home spending no money and SHUT IT DOWN. Join now and SHUT IT DOWN!


  2. Indeed! The only way to stop the madness is to abandon all hope and just refuse to participate, refuse to legitimize the pathetic green fariy tales of sustainable insanity, refuse to believe the lies of our fearless rulers and the self-serving lies of their management and technocratic classes who loot and pillage the planet for the 1% so they can get their cut.

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  3. tagio says:

    In one of your posts below you indicate the following percentages of total world energy demand:

    ► Cars use 10% of total world energy demand.

    ► Electric grid power uses 20% of total world energy demand.

    ► Buildings use 52% of total world energy demand.

    (I assume the latter means ex-the electricity used by the building on an on-going basis). Do we really use 52% of TWED gathering the materials for and erecting buildings? What percentage is food production and distribution, would be a very important number to know, once we have to start prioritizing/rationing oil use.

    I would be very interested in seeing a breakdown of TWED. do you have one or can you point to a source?

    Thanks, your blog is a revelation, particularly because it points out doom drivers completely apart from climate change that are due to our own population size and way of living.


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