Green Dystopia

Sometimes an idea takes hold so deeply it’s hard to dislodge, especially if it’s a techno-fetish idea based on hope. For example, humans have no way of creating self-sustaining biomes in space, but don’t tell that to Stephen Hawking, who says only by going into space can humans survive. You don’t have to be stupid to be, well, stupid. Here are some examples.

Solar Roads And Tesla Cars Will Save Earth

If you believe that then I have a Miami Beach condo that might interest you.

Tesla’s Electric Cars Aren’t as Green as You Might Think

Solar Energy Isn’t Always as Green as You Think

Whenever I point out that solar panels are poison, greenies lose their shit and tell me about the latest research to lessen their environmental harm. Never mind that most research never makes it to the manufacturing stage.

So How Much Solar Power Do We Need?

Asia Sells 70% Of All The Solar Panels In The World

If Solar Panels Are So Green, Try Eating One

Reality Is Irrelevant Anymore

I’ve been trying to educate people about the pitfalls of “renewable energy” for a few years now, all to no avail. It’s like pissing into the wind. Every green website still extolls the virtues of renewable energy without critical thinking, it’s lazy sham journalism where press releases are passed off as news. It’s hucksterism, pure and simple. The following essay was my first attempt to alert greenies about renewable fraud back in 2012. I was shunned, shamed and ignored. Good thing I thrive on rejection.

Renewable Energy Is Unsustainable

You may wonder why I continue to try? The reason I started this blog was to inform people, but now I find I’m just addicted to page hits.





Brexit Earth Exit

Most folks are looking for what Brexit means. Alan Greenspan says Brexit is worse than Oct. 1987, and for once he’s plainly right. But you don’t go to bankers for tips, you go for rips – as in they rip you off.
Brexit is the ignition point of collapse where civilization passes its best before economic date. It is the tipping point of economic collapse. These were the good ol’times. We are barely ready to admit we are in a “recession” let alone climate collapse.
Naturally, everything economic comes to a head at once after the American election, but before the Inauguration, where taxpayers foot the bill for rich excess. Stealing a candy from a baby is bad, but not compared to killing all life as we know it on earth.
Permanent Catastrophic Collapse of The Tropics By 2020
A crack team of 14 climate scientists say climate chaos will hit the tropics hard by 2020, resulting in permanent catastrophic consequences. The tropics will become uninhabitable for humans.
The Ocean Will Lose Oxygen Faster Than Thought
If oceans warm 2 °C, there will be 30% less oxygen
If oceans warm 3 °C there will be 50% less oxygen
If oceans warm 4 °C there will be WTF less oxygen
Feedbacks Are Taking Over Human Emissions
For every 2 C02 atoms we emit, Feedbacks add 3 more.
Feedbacks 3
....Humans 2
Watch Peter Wadhams @ 8:16 here:
All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe To Love You
Renewable Fraud

Truth Or Dare! Do Not Watch This Video First Or I Will Tell You The Truth

I cut grass in a trailer park and I have a dog named Loki.

I got the day off, too hot ‘n dry, so I’m doing this jig.

So today I drink for every edit I make.

I run 200 properties, grass-shit-water.

I  can say I never met more unprepared people in my life.

This is the video you can’t watch unless you just listen to it first; and second, after you read the following, I suggest you do  eventually listen only. It’s ever so very terribly wonderful!

We are all racist gays, there is no God or money, we just made it all up to survive our kids.

The Devil Is In The Details

If we can’t reconcile our gay, racist, religions and monies, we are fucked and so is the air on earth.

When oxygen goes below 19%, you get stupid.

When a snake eats its tail, at least it’s not eating.

Like Earnest Hemingway, I like to write drunk and edit sober, sorry about the delays.






Tropics To Explode In 4 Years!

According to a team of 14 climate scientists, climate chaos will hit the tropics hard by 2020, resulting in permanent catastrophic consequences, which is a scientific way of saying it’s all going to rat shit. Their findings will soon be published in the prestigious journal Science. Look at a globe, this includes all the areas between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. This also happens to be where all the poorest countries in the world are located.

Last year, there were 65 million refugees heading north, only to be met with prejudice and violence. While the first few million were accepted with open arms, you can be sure only bullets will meet the majority of them.

A total of 60 Syrian refugees have been shot at the Turkish border so far this year, including the recent slaughter of 4 women, 3 children and 1 man.

Over 10,000 refugees drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean since 2014, with nearly 3,000 drowning since January. Buckle up! This is just the very beginning of chaos like you never witnessed before.

Refugee deaths in Mediterranean hit 10,000

List of Tropical Countries

Map of Tropical Rainforests

Map of Tropical Zone Countries







The Algorithm Of Destruction: War, Poverty and Climate Chaos

Collapse is not one thing. Look at these 3 simple, seemingly unrelated stories.
Researchers conclude only widespread fraud allowed Hillary to win. Bye bye peace on earth.
Amazon’s robots are 5 times more efficient than humans and use up less space. Bye bye humans and jobs.
Climate Catastrophe Will Hit Tropics Around 2020, Rest Of World Around 2047. Bye bye life on earth.

The Vortex Of Violence And Climate Chaos

Land grabs have increased 400% since 2008.
Farming is a positive feedback loop that increases emissions, which increases warming, which increases… you get it.
In 10 years, 60% of humanity will suffer water scarcity ( a fancy way of chronic thirst.)
America sold its grain reserves in the last Great Recession. During the American Civil War, railroad men and robber barons realized war was good for business. When world wars one and two set off an economic boom, the rich realized the cold war was a cash bonanza. Now we declare wars on everything including drugs, poverty etc.

War Is Always The Answer

Hillary’s neocon, faux liberal pals are going to win. It’s easy to see the true colors of faux-progressive sites that shill for Hillary. When sites like Alter Net and Business Insider both shill for Hillary, the absurdity is overwhelming.
Neo-Cons and fake Progressives, some things you can’t unsee.

The Tropics of Chaos

Last year,  Carl-Friedrich Schleussner of the Potsdam Institute reported that warming of an extra half-degree would produce dramatic increases in the length of dry spells over wide areas of the Mediterranean, Central America, the Amazon basin, and southern Africa, with resulting declines in river flows from a third to a half. The tropics will soon become uninhabitable when heat, water moisture and drought combine.

The Bernie Bern Al Gore Rythm

Or Why White Men Can’t Dance
I do not believe just taking carbon out of air is sufficient to save humanity.
To stop ocean acidification we have to stop emissions at their source.
If it gets into the air, it gets into the ocean.
This means smoke stacks and tail pipes.
Even that won’t stop collapse, there’s too much working against us.
We have to reduce populations in Africa, South America and South Asia.
We have to dramatically reduce meat and energy consumption.
We have to accept less in our lives so that others can have more.
The rich have to reduce energy demand 10% per year for 50 years.
This will allow the poor to increase energy demand.
Energy demand destruction is a political death zone.
Basic food items are facing existential near term threats.
Energy economic fresh water is disappearing.
In 15 years the tropics will be uninhabitable.
Droughts, floods, storms, mudslides, sink holes are exponential.
Wars, disparity, refugees, disease, civil violence are exponential.
Big Agri-business is destroying the soil and life on earth for profit.
No soil + no water = no food + war
To even have a chance, we would need a heuristic strategic algorithm that goes against everything our cultures historically believe in, a wider collective consciousness subjecting us to a control we cannot accept.
We are too politically primitive to survive.
We have the technology, but not the smarts.
The stupidity is too dam high!
Mob rules will end it all.
The only way to even begin is to alter our currency system.
The whole world only believes in 2 things, Money and God.
Only Money will unite humanity through a new world carbon currency.
We have to have a currency that transcends borders and leaves nation states behind.
It can be phased in over 10 years, if we start now!
That is why I say there is no God or Money, we just made them up to survive.
If we can’t reconcile our beliefs in God and Money, earth will die.
We can’t do anything about God, but we can do something about money.
Money is energy. Energy is as real as number 1, you.
Money is a new world currency of 100% private citizen carbon tax dividends deposited to your phone.
This will make money inversely proportional to carbon emissions and politically unite all humanity, both rich and poor, black and white. I know this sounds crazy, but compared to the real world, it sounds like sanity, or what I call uncrazy, as in maybe, just maybe we can unfuck this.

Is Collapse Driving Me Crazy?

I Hate The Haters

Orlando = sick mind + sick media + sick guns

Health care and education should be free

You can’t spend all your tax money on guns and hate


Collapse Tipping Points

You can’t know where collapse starts until it hits runaway

Runaway is the point where it cannot be stopped or reversed

You will not know when ecological collapse goes runaway

You will not know when economic collapse goes runaway

You will not know when public insanity goes runaway

You will only know pain and suffering in the next 15 years

Looking for the spirit of the universe in your bellybutton is foolish.


Collapse For Kids

If you are young, you don’t know that your parents’ denial only works because of their fear of letting you down.
You see, the world has a high probability of collapse by 2025. (insert sullen teen angst here)
Collapse happens when all the many different crises strike midnight at the same time, just like a symphonic crescendo.
This is when the planet that gives us life starts to break down causing the end of civilization in violence, hunger, thirst and despair, taking another ten years or so for billions of humans all over the planet to die. Many refugees won’t make it here.
Many oxygen plankton will die off as more dangerous plankton proliferate to help cause the mass extinction of life on earth to go into overdrive and runaway mode.
Runaway mass extinction is when life breaks down so fast it becomes unstoppable and there is no way to reverse it.
Past mass extinctions have taken tens of thousands of years.
Human caused mass extinction will hit runaway within 25 years.
Human agriculture will end in the tropics in 10 years as they become too hot to sustain human life. Temperate agriculture will end as continental interiors heat and dry up. Major oceanic river delta agricultural centers will be hit with rising oceans, river floods and mega-monster storms that no human has ever witnessed before in all our history as a species.
The Eastern Mediterranean and American West will become dust bowls far worse than the 1930s. Dust bowls will proliferate worldwide as fresh water disappears for half of humanity.
Hi tech gadgets like solar panel power converters and smartphones will fail as tropical exotic mineral mines shut down and magnetic field depletion accelerates.
On behalf of your parents and family, please accept my sincerest apologies. 🙂
But, here is where it gets crazy. (Petulance allowed here)
Humans all over the world and throughout all our history only ever believed in 2 things besides love and family.
Those 2 things are Money and God. Both of those things are not real. We just made them up.
We can fix money, but we are too afraid and greedy to do it because we don’t have much time.
Here’s how. (Insert feigned indifference)