The Bernie Bern Al Gore Rythm

Or Why White Men Can’t Dance
I do not believe just taking carbon out of air is sufficient to save humanity.
To stop ocean acidification we have to stop emissions at their source.
If it gets into the air, it gets into the ocean.
This means smoke stacks and tail pipes.
Even that won’t stop collapse, there’s too much working against us.
We have to reduce populations in Africa, South America and South Asia.
We have to dramatically reduce meat and energy consumption.
We have to accept less in our lives so that others can have more.
The rich have to reduce energy demand 10% per year for 50 years.
This will allow the poor to increase energy demand.
Energy demand destruction is a political death zone.
Basic food items are facing existential near term threats.
Energy economic fresh water is disappearing.
In 15 years the tropics will be uninhabitable.
Droughts, floods, storms, mudslides, sink holes are exponential.
Wars, disparity, refugees, disease, civil violence are exponential.
Big Agri-business is destroying the soil and life on earth for profit.
No soil + no water = no food + war
To even have a chance, we would need a heuristic strategic algorithm that goes against everything our cultures historically believe in, a wider collective consciousness subjecting us to a control we cannot accept.
We are too politically primitive to survive.
We have the technology, but not the smarts.
The stupidity is too dam high!
Mob rules will end it all.
The only way to even begin is to alter our currency system.
The whole world only believes in 2 things, Money and God.
Only Money will unite humanity through a new world carbon currency.
We have to have a currency that transcends borders and leaves nation states behind.
It can be phased in over 10 years, if we start now!
That is why I say there is no God or Money, we just made them up to survive.
If we can’t reconcile our beliefs in God and Money, earth will die.
We can’t do anything about God, but we can do something about money.
Money is energy. Energy is as real as number 1, you.
Money is a new world currency of 100% private citizen carbon tax dividends deposited to your phone.
This will make money inversely proportional to carbon emissions and politically unite all humanity, both rich and poor, black and white. I know this sounds crazy, but compared to the real world, it sounds like sanity, or what I call uncrazy, as in maybe, just maybe we can unfuck this.

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