The Vortex Of Violence And Climate Chaos

Land grabs have increased 400% since 2008.
Farming is a positive feedback loop that increases emissions, which increases warming, which increases… you get it.
In 10 years, 60% of humanity will suffer water scarcity ( a fancy way of chronic thirst.)
America sold its grain reserves in the last Great Recession. During the American Civil War, railroad men and robber barons realized war was good for business. When world wars one and two set off an economic boom, the rich realized the cold war was a cash bonanza. Now we declare wars on everything including drugs, poverty etc.

War Is Always The Answer

Hillary’s neocon, faux liberal pals are going to win. It’s easy to see the true colors of faux-progressive sites that shill for Hillary. When sites like Alter Net and Business Insider both shill for Hillary, the absurdity is overwhelming.
Neo-Cons and fake Progressives, some things you can’t unsee.

The Tropics of Chaos

Last year,  Carl-Friedrich Schleussner of the Potsdam Institute reported that warming of an extra half-degree would produce dramatic increases in the length of dry spells over wide areas of the Mediterranean, Central America, the Amazon basin, and southern Africa, with resulting declines in river flows from a third to a half. The tropics will soon become uninhabitable when heat, water moisture and drought combine.

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