Truth Or Dare! Do Not Watch This Video First Or I Will Tell You The Truth

I cut grass in a trailer park and I have a dog named Loki.

I got the day off, too hot ‘n dry, so I’m doing this jig.

So today I drink for every edit I make.

I run 200 properties, grass-shit-water.

I  can say I never met more unprepared people in my life.

This is the video you can’t watch unless you just listen to it first; and second, after you read the following, I suggest you do  eventually listen only. It’s ever so very terribly wonderful!

We are all racist gays, there is no God or money, we just made it all up to survive our kids.

The Devil Is In The Details

If we can’t reconcile our gay, racist, religions and monies, we are fucked and so is the air on earth.

When oxygen goes below 19%, you get stupid.

When a snake eats its tail, at least it’s not eating.

Like Earnest Hemingway, I like to write drunk and edit sober, sorry about the delays.






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