Green Dystopia

Sometimes an idea takes hold so deeply it’s hard to dislodge, especially if it’s a techno-fetish idea based on hope. For example, humans have no way of creating self-sustaining biomes in space, but don’t tell that to Stephen Hawking, who says only by going into space can humans survive. You don’t have to be stupid to be, well, stupid. Here are some examples.

Solar Roads And Tesla Cars Will Save Earth

If you believe that then I have a Miami Beach condo that might interest you.

Tesla’s Electric Cars Aren’t as Green as You Might Think

Solar Energy Isn’t Always as Green as You Think

Whenever I point out that solar panels are poison, greenies lose their shit and tell me about the latest research to lessen their environmental harm. Never mind that most research never makes it to the manufacturing stage.

So How Much Solar Power Do We Need?

Asia Sells 70% Of All The Solar Panels In The World

If Solar Panels Are So Green, Try Eating One

Reality Is Irrelevant Anymore

I’ve been trying to educate people about the pitfalls of “renewable energy” for a few years now, all to no avail. It’s like pissing into the wind. Every green website still extolls the virtues of renewable energy without critical thinking, it’s lazy sham journalism where press releases are passed off as news. It’s hucksterism, pure and simple. The following essay was my first attempt to alert greenies about renewable fraud back in 2012. I was shunned, shamed and ignored. Good thing I thrive on rejection.

Renewable Energy Is Unsustainable

You may wonder why I continue to try? The reason I started this blog was to inform people, but now I find I’m just addicted to page hits.





One thought on “Green Dystopia

  1. Froggman says:

    I enjoy reading your blog and can sympathize with your sentiments. I’m a “city planner” by profession, so I spend most of my days entirely immersed in techno-optimism. It’s pretty much a requirement of the job. I have an upcoming interview with the newspaper where I’m going to extol the virtues of electric vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, and shared-use mobility systems. I’ll talk about how this is all part of our strategy for reducing GHG emissions and meeting our Climate Plan goals. Because I have mouths to feed, I’ll say all that.

    Then I’ll log on to my favorite doom sites and reconnect with reality.

    Thank you for being one of my connections to reality.

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