Is Collapse Driving Me Crazy?

I Hate The Haters

Orlando = sick mind + sick media + sick guns

Health care and education should be free

You can’t spend all your tax money on guns and hate


Collapse Tipping Points

You can’t know where collapse starts until it hits runaway

Runaway is the point where it cannot be stopped or reversed

You will not know when ecological collapse goes runaway

You will not know when economic collapse goes runaway

You will not know when public insanity goes runaway

You will only know pain and suffering in the next 15 years

Looking for the spirit of the universe in your bellybutton is foolish.


Collapse For Kids

If you are young, you don’t know that your parents’ denial only works because of their fear of letting you down.
You see, the world has a high probability of collapse by 2025. (insert sullen teen angst here)
Collapse happens when all the many different crises strike midnight at the same time, just like a symphonic crescendo.
This is when the planet that gives us life starts to break down causing the end of civilization in violence, hunger, thirst and despair, taking another ten years or so for billions of humans all over the planet to die. Many refugees won’t make it here.
Many oxygen plankton will die off as more dangerous plankton proliferate to help cause the mass extinction of life on earth to go into overdrive and runaway mode.
Runaway mass extinction is when life breaks down so fast it becomes unstoppable and there is no way to reverse it.
Past mass extinctions have taken tens of thousands of years.
Human caused mass extinction will hit runaway within 25 years.
Human agriculture will end in the tropics in 10 years as they become too hot to sustain human life. Temperate agriculture will end as continental interiors heat and dry up. Major oceanic river delta agricultural centers will be hit with rising oceans, river floods and mega-monster storms that no human has ever witnessed before in all our history as a species.
The Eastern Mediterranean and American West will become dust bowls far worse than the 1930s. Dust bowls will proliferate worldwide as fresh water disappears for half of humanity.
Hi tech gadgets like solar panel power converters and smartphones will fail as tropical exotic mineral mines shut down and magnetic field depletion accelerates.
On behalf of your parents and family, please accept my sincerest apologies. 🙂
But, here is where it gets crazy. (Petulance allowed here)
Humans all over the world and throughout all our history only ever believed in 2 things besides love and family.
Those 2 things are Money and God. Both of those things are not real. We just made them up.
We can fix money, but we are too afraid and greedy to do it because we don’t have much time.
Here’s how. (Insert feigned indifference)