The Confederacy of Dunces

The U.S. spends like a trillion bucks/year killing people all over the world.
This money should be spent on free healthcare and free education.
Instead, everybody goes broke getting well and smart.
The U.S. banking system is the largest fraud in human history.
The U.S. burns women and children alive with drone hellfire missiles.
After drone attacks, the U.S. then attacks the rescuers.
Civilians now make up 90% of war casualties.
The U.S. has killed 20 million civilians in 37 nations since WWII.
Would you feel better if it were only 6 million?
The U.S. launched 201 out of the 248 armed conflicts since WWII:
America’s freedom and democracy is not free or democratic.
America’s freedom and democracy is a monument to evil and stupidity.
The tropics will become uninhabitable, starting in 5 years.
Over half of humanity will be short of water in 10 years.
Talk of 100% renewable energy in 30 years is like dreaming of heaven while burning in hell. It’s talk out of context. Unless we fix what fails us, we can’t fix what ails us.

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