The Deflationary Viral Spiral

I missed the white mouse shit geyser the other day in the trailer park.

White mice are tampons that get stuck in the sewage tank baffles.

When the manager pounded on the baffle, he heard a deep rumble, so he told everyone to stand back, that’s when the pipe pressure gave way and a backlogged shit geyser let loose into the sky. Well, likely a few feet anyhow. More like a fecal fountain of death worn over.

You see, all trailer park managers are deeply afraid of shit because most city people don’t understand sceptic systems and no one wants to talk about it, except me. But then, I’m full of it. Having watched nearly all the episodes of Trailer Park Boys, I now understand why Mr. Lahey was always talking about shit storms, and none was more gross then when Mr. Lahey said, “It’s just another shit stick I gotta lick Randy!


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