Pokemon Go: The Pied Piper Of Doom

Pokemon Go has exploded so big and so fast that it has quickly come to rival Tinder, Twitter and Facebook, all within the blink of an eye. It’s a game that lures young adults outside to chase cartoon characters that appear in their camera’s viewer display. These youth have spent their whole lives cloistered at home playing video games, and now they want to go outside? Shudder! So, watch out! They’re coming!
Since some 60,000 manufacturing plants closed and moved to China over the last 10+ years,  we are told that the app-sharing-gig economy is the only step forward for youth today. So if you see youth blithely stepping into oncoming traffic or bumping into people, don’t be alarmed, it’s not a new designer drug,  it’s the new, new economy. The new, new economy is for youth who live at their parent’s home because they spend all their money on their smart phones and video games and can’t find a decent paying job.
Pokemon Go’s largest demographic are kids 20-30 years old who are nostalgic for the 90s. My age may be showing, but have you ever tried walking while staring at your phone outside in direct sunlight?  I know I can’t see a damned thing standing still, let alone walking. That’s what I mean when I say, walking around blind, the real world barely exists, they are used to being alone looking at light diodes, and that’s probably going to be a good thing….
So, if you see kids blindly stumbling about outdoors, don’t worry, it’s just another distraction while we destroy earth. But hey, at least they’re outside. That’s new.

2 thoughts on “Pokemon Go: The Pied Piper Of Doom

  1. Have a Nice Day! says:

    Have you played Pokemon Go? Have you watched kids bond with friends and parents while they discover their neighborhoods on foot? Have you thought about the potential positive ramifications of a generation that learns to build community on a local level, even if it begins with a game?

    Try being a little less misanthropic. You might meet someone nice!


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