Why Water Vapour = Doom

Too Much Water In The Air
From now on, we are going to see storms that no human, or proto-human, has ever seen before in our 2 million year old history, thanks to the increased water vapour content in our air. Although this increased vapour content sounds harmless, believe me it’s anything but, just like how a global temperature rise of just 4° C sounds harmless, but is actually lethal to life on earth
Water vapour is the ultimate feedback loop because the 5% increase since 1968 will soon double the radiative solar forcing that hits earth. Water vapor doubles the warming effect of CO2. Repeat, water vapour doubles the warming effect of CO2! And water vapour will increase exponentially. That’s what feedback loops do, go exponential. When you combine the rain bombs of higher water vapour with Hansen’s nightmarish super storm scenario, you will not recognize earth in 20 years time.
We spent the last few years pissing our pants over the methane bomb, while the real harbinger of doom is all around us in the air we breath, the water vapour bomb.
Here is the essential reading
“Super storms are directly related to the ‘water vapour positive feedback loop.’ According to climate scientist Kevin Trenberth, today there is about 5 percent more water vapour in the atmosphere above the oceans than there was in 1968. This is because the oceans have already warmed by 1 degree C (global average).  As the oceans are getting warmer, they also become more acidic and contain less oxygen. Water vapour is of course a greenhouse gas. It leads to the water vapour positive feedback loop that causes dangerous warming amplification over time. A warmer planet holds more moisture in the atmosphere, which leads to more warning, leading to more atmospheric moisture. The increased water vapour roughly doubles the direct radiative forcing. However, the average 5 % increase in water vapour becomes amplified in weather systems because it adds buoyancy to the air flowing into storms, promoting them to become more intense and multiplying the effects. The warm moist air is readily advected onto land and caught up in weather systems as part of the hydrological cycle, where it contributes to more intense precipitation events that are widely observed to be occurring. The problem is not only that water vapour is a powerful greenhouse gas. There is another problem. More atmospheric water vapour means that more energy is trapped in the atmosphere at any given time. According to NASA, as the Earth approaches 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit warming (the increase of global average temperature), the resulting increase in water vapour traps an extra 2 Watts of energy per-square-meter. Given the surface of the Earth, this is an enormous amount of energy, which leads to the amplification of storms, rain bombs and other anomalies. NASA researchers estimate that the water vapour feedback is extraordinarily strong: calculations show that it is capable of doubling the warming due to carbon dioxide. If this is true, the future looks bleak indeed.”
Here is the essential link
James Hansen’s nightmarish super storm scenario
Too Little Water In The Ground
As mountain snow packs decline, and our rivers and lake reservoirs dry up, we turn to groundwater pumping, but groundwater only replenishes itself at 6% of the rate we pump it out. This is the very essence of unsustainability and will lead to violence and food shortages. Why do you think there’s so much killing in Yemen and Syria? Both are severely drought affected.

What You Need to Know About the World’s Water Wars


The Lung Cancer Of The Planet
The Amazon is facing its third once-in-a-hundred-year drought since 2005. This is now three droughts in 10 years, and the current one is the worst one yet. These severe droughts stunt tree growth so they stop pulling carbon out of the air. When rainforest wildfires burn, the rainforest becomes a carbon emitter, instead of a carbon sink, upon which all of humanity depends for survival.


The tropics will face permanent catastrophic climate consequences in 4 years time. The tropics will literally become uninhabitable. The tropics are 50% of earth’s land surface. Drought and groundwater depletion is also affecting the northern temperate zones.



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