Daily World Drought Map


Real Time Collapse!

For some reason, my posting called, “2016 World Drought Map” became a bit of a Facebook phenomena. This is likely because the scary world drought map was featured first and topmost in that post, just like you see now. The only problem is, that post was from way back in February. So today, I poked around a bit to find a world drought map that is up to date, and you can’t get more up to date than a daily world drought map. Here is the link to your daily world drought maps.


The map featured at the top of this page is from today (July 25, 2016). You’ll notice that severe droughts are occurring in the rainforest and tundra areas of earth. The forest fires in Siberia are so bad that they can be seen from a million miles out in space. Rainforest and tundra droughts are especially bad because when they occur, wildfires can effectively turn those carbon sinks into carbon emitters. Here are a couple of links to the Siberian fires.


From the Arctic to Africa to the Amazon, More Troubling Signs of Earth Carbon Store Instability

Here are a couple of drought links.




Here are today’s current drought conditions from the Global Drought Information System last updated May 30, 2016. While this site is likely more accurate than the daily map, it is always about a month behind.


It is ironic that more vapor and the clash of cold/hot winds will cause killer mega storms, but that rainforests and tundra will burn in a hell storm rain of fire is not exactly almost lost on me…

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Note of apology.

Since I’m too cheap to pay anything to host this site, ads may appear. I do not endorse any advertising, but I’m a bit archaic in believing information wants to be free, just like healthcare wants to be free, but they aren’t.






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