The Decomplexity Disentanglement Collapse Singularity Syndrome

Or Some Such So!

We are strip mining the soil of nutrients using fossil fuels to power production. We are poisoning ourselves by genetically, hormoanally and chemically altering our food and environment. Our food and environment is causing 8 year old girls to grow tits, yet our brains are under-developed, thanks to the chemical soup mix that is our environment. To compensate for our undeveloped brains, we take chemicals to calm and pleasure us. We are destroying our planet almost as fast as we are destroying our climate. Scientists are pissing themselves suspecting that El Nino caused earth’s temperature to jump to a higher plateau. Another El Nino in a couple of years will likely do it. We are selling more weapons, killing more innocent civilians and watching more people die than ever before. We are mentally/emotionally retarded as we greedily kill our planet. But, we are also mentally/emotionally retarded as we dream of sustainable farms, renewable energy and peace on earth. We are so fucking retarded, we don’t allow people to use the word, ‘retarded’, which only means, ‘slowed’. Instead we call ourselves, ‘special’. Yea, we’re fucking special alright. Special in the fucking head.


p.s. I just made the title up, i’m not really sure wtf?

My Hopus Dopus Opus link:


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