Loki’s Final Revenge

Loki, my border collie/black lab dog, woke me up last Sunday morning from my weekly hangover again by licking my face. He does it every week. There’s nothing unusual about that, except whenever he does, I can hear space aliens using his mind to telepathically speak to me. The space aliens and my dog always snicker together when they refer to this method of communicating as the, “Inferior net” – like as if I don’t get it, or something… Oh well, it’s not like I’m going to give up drinking or anything. But, what if one day I don’t wake up? Well, here’s what they told me so far:

Why Sea Level Is Uneven

In China, the Yellow River delta is currently sinking so fast that local sea levels are rising by up to 25 centimeters per year, nearly 100 times the global average. Places that were once covered by kilometers of ice, like northern Canada, are now rebounding upwards — which means local sea levels are actually falling in some parts of Alaska. But that upward-moving land is hinging nearby areas, like the U.S. East Coast, downward by millimeters per year — adding millimeters per year to the local sea level rise there. The U.S. East Coast has another problem too: Climate change is weakening the Gulf Stream current, and that is allowing water to slop back towards shore. Overall, the U.S. East Coast is seeing rates of sea level rise that are 3 to 4 times the global average. The tropics, meanwhile, are seeing extra sea level rise thanks to a strange gravitational effect. As high-latitude ice melts, there is less mass at the poles to pull ocean water towards them; instead, the water slopes more towards the equator.


The Tropics Are Set To Explode In Four Years

A team of 14 climate scientists say the Tropics (50% of earth) will suffer catastrophically permanent climate consequences by 2020, which I believe will lead to the area becoming uninhabitable.


Feedbacks Threaten Climate Overdrive

Peter Wadhams, a famous Arctic scientist, says that feedbacks now emit 1 carbon atom for every 2 that humans emit. This will only get worse as feedbacks accelerate.

Since this bad news more or less scares the piss out of me, I’ve decided to beat Loki to the punch next time with a list of my own predictions.

My Short Long Term Predictions

 financial/economic collapse September 2016.

 ecological/climate collapse starts in 2020

 world water and food shortages by 2025

 technological/civilizational collapse 2030

 runaway mass extinction by 2040

 billions of people dead and gone before 2050

 flooded steel and concrete towers by 2060

 5 °C temperature rise by 2070

 4 meter sea rise by 2080

 flooded concrete and steel towers start falling over 2085

 runaway hothouse by 2090

 tripling of ocean acidification by 2100

 the last survivors of humanity gone by 2110

Here’s What I Wrote In Early 2015


Abrupt Nonlinear Sea Level Rise

Here’s a Young Turks segment from over a year ago called,

Northeast US Sea Levels Rise 4 Inches In Two Years

Sea Level Rise Rate Have Already Doubled

Sea levels have risen 8″ since the 1880s, and will rise at least twice that in the next 30 years. Cities and towns in the northeastern US are already flooding twice a month.

James Hansen Warns About Sea Levels Rising As Fast As A Meter Per Decade By 2050.

What Scientists Say About Sea Level Rise.

Dr. James Hansen



Pokemon Go: The Pied Piper Of Doom

Pokemon Go has exploded so big and so fast that it has quickly come to rival Tinder, Twitter and Facebook, all within the blink of an eye. It’s a game that lures young adults outside to chase cartoon characters that appear in their camera’s viewer display. These youth have spent their whole lives cloistered at home playing video games, and now they want to go outside? Shudder! So, watch out! They’re coming!
Since some 60,000 manufacturing plants closed and moved to China over the last 10+ years,  we are told that the app-sharing-gig economy is the only step forward for youth today. So if you see youth blithely stepping into oncoming traffic or bumping into people, don’t be alarmed, it’s not a new designer drug,  it’s the new, new economy. The new, new economy is for youth who live at their parent’s home because they spend all their money on their smart phones and video games and can’t find a decent paying job.
Pokemon Go’s largest demographic are kids 20-30 years old who are nostalgic for the 90s. My age may be showing, but have you ever tried walking while staring at your phone outside in direct sunlight?  I know I can’t see a damned thing standing still, let alone walking. That’s what I mean when I say, walking around blind, the real world barely exists, they are used to being alone looking at light diodes, and that’s probably going to be a good thing….
So, if you see kids blindly stumbling about outdoors, don’t worry, it’s just another distraction while we destroy earth. But hey, at least they’re outside. That’s new.

The Deflationary Viral Spiral

I missed the white mouse shit geyser the other day in the trailer park.

White mice are tampons that get stuck in the sewage tank baffles.

When the manager pounded on the baffle, he heard a deep rumble, so he told everyone to stand back, that’s when the pipe pressure gave way and a backlogged shit geyser let loose into the sky. Well, likely a few feet anyhow. More like a fecal fountain of death worn over.

You see, all trailer park managers are deeply afraid of shit because most city people don’t understand sceptic systems and no one wants to talk about it, except me. But then, I’m full of it. Having watched nearly all the episodes of Trailer Park Boys, I now understand why Mr. Lahey was always talking about shit storms, and none was more gross then when Mr. Lahey said, “It’s just another shit stick I gotta lick Randy!


The Confederacy of Dunces

The U.S. spends like a trillion bucks/year killing people all over the world.
This money should be spent on free healthcare and free education.
Instead, everybody goes broke getting well and smart.
The U.S. banking system is the largest fraud in human history.
The U.S. burns women and children alive with drone hellfire missiles.
After drone attacks, the U.S. then attacks the rescuers.
Civilians now make up 90% of war casualties.
The U.S. has killed 20 million civilians in 37 nations since WWII.
Would you feel better if it were only 6 million?
The U.S. launched 201 out of the 248 armed conflicts since WWII:
America’s freedom and democracy is not free or democratic.
America’s freedom and democracy is a monument to evil and stupidity.
The tropics will become uninhabitable, starting in 5 years.
Over half of humanity will be short of water in 10 years.
Talk of 100% renewable energy in 30 years is like dreaming of heaven while burning in hell. It’s talk out of context. Unless we fix what fails us, we can’t fix what ails us.