Early Full Spectrum Asymmetrical Collapse

I remember the good ol’ days back in 07 when peak oil was like 10 years away, and we were all gonna die because of it. Over the last 9 years we have found a way to drive fracking costs down and oil supplies up faster than China can spit out solar panels to ship around the world. Ancient history. Now for some near term future history.

The clouds and rains are drifting towards the north pole leaving deserts behind were we grow our food. These rains mean less snow in the tundra, which means more methane and dioxide. Extreme jet stream crests and troughs will cause simultaneous short but extreme droughts in some areas and intense rain floods in other areas. This will destroy our breadbaskets, leading to food shortages and civil collapse. This will begin by 2020.


A group of climate scientists have declared that the tropics will start to become uninhabitable by 2020, as permanent climate catastrophes overwhelm 50% of the planet.



Food experts predict that shortages will be problematic between 2030 – 2040.

Half of humanity will experience water shortages in 5 – 10 years.



Europe’s banks are going down and Japan is sinking under its own bullshit.

In 2012, a group of experts agreed that civilization will collapse by 2025.


By 2050, the seas will be 50% more acidic.

By 2040 fisheries will collapse worldwide.

And on and on and on. You see, each one of these can sink us, but when you add them altogether, you get a collapse date of about 2025 – 2030 for civil ecologic collapse. Which is just my silvered tongue way of say total fucking mayhem. I can, and will ad more links for the uninitiated.

Now, here’s the tricky asymmetrical part, Naomi Klein says that renewable energy will provide 6 jobs for every job fossil fuels provide. But it will take 50 years just to convert our electricity to renewable energy sources.

Sometimes glaciers turn into tidal waves. And that tidal wave will hit us well before we solve our energy problems.




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