How We Prepare Our Children For Collapse

What Are We Doing To Our Kids?

By now you’ve heard that 8 year old children are watching video screens an average of 8 hours per day. How is that affecting them? How will it affect them under the adversity to come?
My dad used to call the teevee, the “One-Eyed Babysitter” or the “One-Eyed Monster”.
Video screens are one of the few things that can hold the human eye still. You’ll notice when you stare at a screen everything that surrounds the screen fades into white. This is due to your eye holding still. In order to see clearly, our eyes need to be constantly shifting. If you stare a candle, and focus just on the flame, you can make the world disappear and fade into white. As an aspiring zen/buddhist teen, I was once right into this sort of thing. That was over 40 years ago.
If you combine the effects of video and environmental toxicity, you can see our kids don’t stand much of a chance. There are 80,000 untested chemicals in our environment, many of these chemicals likely recombine into brand new unknown chemicals. There is already a whole ecosystem of “undiscovered” man-made chemicals floating around in our bodies.
Then we add genetically modified foods, synthetic computer-designed DNA  and a hoard of nano-particles, just to juice up the spectrum of unexpected outcomes our children now face.
Okay, so our kids are going wacko because we poison their bodies and minds for profit. Now, let’s take into account what they are not doing. They are not playing outside. They are limiting their eye’s focus fixing ability and becoming lazy, narcissists who constantly seek affirmation for nothing.
After poisoning their minds, hearts and bodies, we will leave them with a world that is collapsing into a horror show no one can imagine. Good luck with that kids. You’ll need it.

One thought on “How We Prepare Our Children For Collapse

  1. As a parent of young children, this is definitely the biggest challenge I face on a daily basis.

    I’m very fortunate to have kids with an inborn impulse to question authority (imagine that). It makes it hard to be a parent (I need them to respect my authority when I’m trying to brush their teeth and put on shoes in the morning), but I know these personality traits will serve them well in the future.

    Don’t forget the negative impacts of “education.” I have my kids in a progressive “child centered” system and still butt heads with teachers. The schools just can’t understand why I won’t force my children to do whatever stupid activity they’re trying to shove down their throats (ie, standardized testing). They don’t get it when I tell them none of this matters… I want my kids to follow their natural love of learning, not some predetermined track.


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