Politics, The Art Of War

Fake Liberals = Neo Liberals

There are 2 kinds of liberals, the evil kind like $$ Clinton, and the kind that are anti-sexist and racist. They are both acting in rhythm to bang the Anti-Trump drum home daily, which will lead us to war if Hillary wins. Donald Trump will also war. We can’t win.

Go to liberal sites like Truth Out, Truth Dig, AlterNet, Commie Dreams, Grist, Think Progress and read the daily Trump dump diatribes, and be assured, you will go crazy, because the Clintons are stone cold killers who are strictly pay for play with foreign billionaires. In six days, five of their enemies conveniently died. I wouldn’t touch Clinton or Trump with a ten-foot pole.

Fake liberals are the people who tell you renewable energy will save earth. This is patently absurd. The world will die of hunger and thirst before renewables provide even 20% of total world energy demand. The technological mineral basis for renewable energy will implode before even 3 billion people move to renewable energy. The resource demand is too great. Even if we cut energy demand 50%, we still have to increase energy use 50% by 2050, just due to population and urban growth pressures.

Yet at the same time, some the biggest fastest growing cities in the world are in Asia. These cities are destroying our oceans and the oceans will soon strike back with never before seen super ultra maxi bad mega storms. By 2050, these gigantic storms will be unlike any ever witnessed in our 2 million year history as a species.  Asia’s brand new steel and concrete office and apartment towers will rust sitting in the oceans. They will quickly fall start to fall over in just 20 years after the oceans assume command of some of the world’s biggest mega cities. The coasts will face meters per decade ocean rise by 2060, and the tropics and temperate zones will be abandoned.

You may have notice that the coasts are flooding and storming more while the interior breadbaskets are drying up and burning away. Nearly a 100 million trees are dead along the North American coast, yes – that includes Canada yanks.

By 2050, 50% of humanity will be severely short of water. The soil is being consumed by GMOs which cause “green deserts”, where not even bees can live. We use so much nitrogen, the ocean fish are being starved of oxygen.

When CO2 gets to 1,500 parts per million, and it will sooner than you think, the oceans will long have stopped producing oxygen and all the oxygen in the atmosphere will slowly but surely bleed off into space. Yes, the air we breathe and the oceans we swim in will go away, it will take millions of years, but once started, all the carbon from nearly all the life that ever lived on earth will be turned into gas. So no, the earth will not be fine without us. We have set off a bomb that will blow up in our face in 10 years. Get ready, buy emergency food buckets, because when truckers stop bringing in feed, you’ll be eating your pet goats.

Further suggested reading – A condensed energy/ecology perspective.















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