Even Gold Cups Need Water


You can’t drink gold!

We are in the sweet spot, if energy prices stay low, oil companies go bankrupt and so do banks, if energy prices go high, consumers go bankrupt and so do banks. The European bank system is faltering. Tokyo is a mess, and China has more debt than stars in the universe. China took the debt ball in ’08 and ran it into the biggest bubble in all human history. In the U.S. the neocons will win this fall, no matter who wins the election. Henry fucking Kissinger is back in the lime light.

The U.S. wants to sell more weapons to Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemen’s woman and children, all while enforcing another murderous blockade leaving Yemen’s woman and children to starve.

We are headed for another financial crises, a new depression, and soon we’ll see water and food shortages and rising energy prices. The continental interiors will burn and the coasts storm and flood. The oceans are losing oxygen six times faster than thought. The Amazon is drying up and burning away. Just look at the daily drought map above. When oceans die and forests stop acting like carbon storage sinks and instead become emitters of carbon, then the whole world is fucked. The future of storms, floods, droughts is going to be worse than anything in all human history. The tropics will face catastrophic consequences from climate in 4 years. The temperate zones will face catastrophic consequences from climate also in 4 years. In five years, the refugee flood will turn into a Tsunami. Five more years of flood and drought extremes will damage civilization irreparably as water becomes more important than gold.

By this time, war and hatred will break out into the open.



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