The Misanthropocene

I don’t like people, but I love animals. I could watch people die on video all day long. But, if a dog even gets hurt, I lose my fucking mind. I cannot look at sad photos or videos of polar bears, elephants, rhinos, bees etc.

Now, Commie Dreams reports that there are 18 years of data showing how neonics are hurting bees, and other insects, and deep down we know nothing will be done about it. You’ll wait ’til the cows come home before you wait for neonics to be banned. I don’t hate people. Some of my best friends are people. God, I can’t believe I’m human.

Like they said on HeeHaw, “Hey grandpa, what’s for supper?”

99% of Rhinos gone since 1914.

97% of Tigers gone since 1914.

90% of Lions gone since 1993.

90% of Sea Turtles gone since 1980.

90% of Monarch Butterflies gone since 1995.

90% of Big Ocean Fish gone since 1950.

80% of Antarctic Krill gone since 1975.

80% of Western Gorillas gone since 1955.

60% of Forest Elephants gone since 1970.

50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985.

40% of Giraffes gone since 2000.

30% of Marine Birds gone since 1995.

70% of Marine Birds gone since 1950.

28% of Land Animals gone since 1970.

28% of All Marine Animals gone since 1970.

97% – Humans & Livestock are 97% of land-air vertebrate biomass.

10,000 years ago we were 0.01% of land-air vertebrate biomass.

Humans and livestock caused 80% of land-air-water vertebrate species extinctions and occupy half the land on earth. 

Global Conflict Tracker!/p32137



One thought on “The Misanthropocene

  1. Woody woodworth says:

    Thanks Robert for these posts, depressing as they are, I would rather know the Truth of the matter than be in the fog of fantasy thinking.


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