Your Collapse Command Center

Real Time And Near Real Time Collapse Modules!

Would you like to see the world unfold as it should? It’s not pretty, and it’s not for the faint of heart. You can watch it all in real time right now right here.

The World Weather Atlas

Get to know this module. By moving the globe to where you want, you can then click on the word ‘Earth’ at the bottom of your screen and select winds, ocean currents, temperatures to see what is happening now and what’s happening where, anywhere on earth.

The World Drought Atlas

Satellites can detect differences between rock, forests, and grasslands because these surfaces will emit energy differently back into space. In measuring these differences and observing patterns of vegetation, or lack of growth, NOAA scientists can monitor how droughts are changing across the world.

The World Wild Fire Atlas

Each of these fire maps accumulates the locations of the fires detected by satellites over a 10-day period. Each colored dot indicates a location where satellites detected at least one fire during a 10 day period. Color ranges from red where the fire count is low to yellow where number of fires is large. Having a world wild fire map that’s less than 10 days old is extraordinarily useful. You can literally watch the world burn.

Global Conflict Tracker

Curious about what the world’s number one terrorist organization is doing? On this map, you can see all the world’s conflicts that affect U.S. strategic interests world wide.

World Conflict Map News Tracker

This map keeps you up to date on all the world’s conflict news with just one click.






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