Collapse For Dummies


Beware The Four Hucksters Of The Apocalypse!

You’ve heard all the tin foil hats. You’ve seen all the sandwich-board whackos. You’ve felt all the tree huggers (yick). And Loard Knows!, you’ve read all the climate doomers.

Well, let the bells ring out, and let the banners fly high, feast your mind on me, it’s too good to be true!, but I’m here! Yessiree Bob. I’m living proof you don’t need to spend years in school to be smart and crazy. So, without further adieu! I present the four horseman of the apocalypse.

How Not To Get Suckered By Dollar Collapse-sters

Okay, so let’s round up the usual suspects. You got Max ‘n Stacey, Peter Schiff, The Dollar Vigilante, and on and on, right down to Zero Hedge, the mad headline genius everyone secretly reads. They’re doom hucksters for the rich. Do you know anyone who can buy gold? Don’t worry, people will be accepting greenbacks for a long, long time. Gold is nice, but no one’s got change. Gold hucksters stay away from the tin foil hats like the plague.

Food Chain Hedge-sters

Next up, are the prepppers. They are the people who sell you emergency food buckets, bug out kits, and lots ‘n lots of guns. You can imagine some of those emergency food buckets will be little more than poison, but if you don’t do due diligence in prepping food, you will reap what you sow. There are no real short-cuts for food prepping. But, you can still get quality food buckets, pre-made and delivered, in plenty of time. Just, don’t put if off too long. Prep marketers love all and anything you are afraid of, including jet trails, aliens, time travellers, etc.

Ego-Maniacal Wank-sters

Now, you are at the center of this madness, the very dark core of collapse, where no ray of hope shall ever shine loose from the darkness of my heart. You are in the crib of the unbearably smug. I dwell in the smothering darkness of my self-righteous certainty. Listen!, if you want your kids to turn out all right, don’t let them read ANYTHING I write. There are more of us than you think, we usually promote books, speeches and social click-bait media.

Tweedle Dee- & Tweedle Dumb-sters

You thought I was done, right? Well, there’s just two more. Liberal Doomsters and Conservative Doomsters, a.k.a. Clintonites and Trumpsters. One will sell renewable togetherness and the other sells drone ammo, and I’m not too sure which is which. They are the worst of the lot.


In the age of every man for themselves, self-reliance will count more than resilience. Start taking the small steps now, and plain old fashioned dumb luck will carry you through.



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