The Big Green War On Nature

You my have seen the headline, “Costa Rico Runs On 100% Renewable Energy”. What you didn’t perhaps read, was 80% of that energy was from hydro-dam power. Hydro-dams are said to produce no emissions, which would be true if you don’t count the millions of tons of cement and steel rebar and heavy equipment operations. The pulse of carbon emissions invested to construct the dam for electricity is discounted in our headline/bottom-line media culture.

All of our carbon emissions have been exported to South Asia. Asia controls 70% of the world’s solar panel market, shipping them world-wide. In 1996, 90% of solar panels were German and American. Twenty years later, they’re like 90% Asian. General Electric, and its German counterpart now make so much profit in Asia, it’s cheaper to pay politicians for exceptional annual tax holidays to bring the huge profits home, tax free.

The government of Indonesia poisoned their elephants and secretly hunted orangutans, at night, in their country’s national park, so they could slash and burn jungle trees, to replace the jungle with giant palm oil plantations, to ship wood pellets and palm oil across the oceans, destined for Europe’s “Renewable Energy” program. Northern Europe gets over 50% of its so-called renewable energy burning the wood pellets that once used to be a forest, filled with elephants and orangutans. The palm oil that grows where the apes and elephants lived, is now being burnt in the German bio-diesel cars of Northern Europe. The same diesel cars that fudged emissions tests.

Everything you hear about renewable energy and emissions is a lie, if you ignore resource costs. This is why you can’t get your head around collapse. These palm oil plantations are a criminal enterprise. The European carbon credit trading scheme is run by bankers and drug lords to launder money. There are so many safety features on tools today, you have to be co-ordinated enough to fly a helicopter to operate one, but.. that’s another story.

We are claiming we can achieve economic growth switching to renewable energy, which will cause a gigantic pulse of carbon emissions. These solar panels and windmills are like giant blenders or toasters, and only have a lifecycle span of about 30 years. The up-front costs of the new systems would overwhelm resources in times of shortages and danger.

You may have heard about bacteria belching out propane, claiming it’s a renewable energy, which is just about as stupid a thing the Europeans have come with yet. You would need to sacrifice millions of acres of land, about the size of Argentina, for bacteria or algae to make any credible emissions difference. Then, you would need millions of acres of new arable farmland, about the size of India, just to pull any credible amount of carbon, out of the atmosphere.

We need a new continent, at least half the size of South America to even just maybe avoid 2° C. Scientific America said in 2009, human agriculture will end in 60 years because of how fast we are destroying our soil and farmland. That was 7 years ago. That was before the hard climate science hit the publishing scene in 2012. In 2012, the informal consensus of many experts was that civilization will end around 2025. I still agree with that statement.

Our criminal mass agricultural model is degrading our soil at twice the speed we need to increase our soil, in order to avoid a North/South world war, over food and water resources. The ol’ East/West longitudinal cold war has a new latitudinal dimension. Long live the new war kings! Why else would the president of the Philippines call Obama a son of a whore?  Because the Philippines gets smashed nearly every year by massive storms. Just imagine a Sandy or Katrina here for at least once a year for a few years? Now, you know what I mean.

Humanity is spending its last carbon pulse exhalation on war, and a temporary renewable energy, at exactly when things like cheap energy, food and water disappear. This disappearance of affordable food, energy and water will be aggravated by climate and ecology. Our farmland will disappear, due to drought, floods and storms exactly when we need to rely on them most, more than ever.

This is reality, 80% of Americans rely on magical thinking to survive. We are so suffused with mental and physical poisons, we’re barely human anymore. We will die killing ourselves, the way we treat our animals today, slashing and burning our way through all life on earth, like it’s our god given right.

I wrote this barely intelligible post about an hour ago, thinking it wouldn’t need any revisions, well, that’s magical thinking for you – you just can’t see the obvious. The truth hides in plain sight. Don’t be afraid to check back in an hour, it might be a completely different post. lol





6 thoughts on “The Big Green War On Nature

  1. “Humanity is spending its last carbon pulse exhalation on war, and a temporary renewable energy, at exactly when things like cheap energy, food and water disappear.”

    Right on, my friend. That’s where I see it going too. First, They’ll push BAU as long as possible. Then, they’ll ramp up war and launch massive “stimulus” through wind and solar infrastructure programs. Burn as much, as fast as possible, any way they can find to get people working and things moving- and doing it under the guise of renewable energy provides the political cover they need. It also sets the stage for larger scale nationalization of industry and progression into a military state.

    Then, finally, a wild blaze of glory when the damn thing won’t hold together any longer. I don’t see how it doesn’t come to nukes, at some point.

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  2. “This is reality, 80% of Americans rely on magical thinking to survive.”

    Way off madman…more like 99%. I don’t know anyone living in a fantasy world, even if they are somewhat clued.


  3. “We will die killing ourselves, the way we treat our animals today, slashing and burning our way through all life on earth, like it’s our god given right.”

    We will actually kill as many of the world’s people as necessary to secure ‘our way of life” and level the planet to keep the hum of commodities and profits flowing. Unfortunately, the vast majority of American’s can be counted on to either be directly complicit in homicidal mass murder of others or, at the very least, stand back and watch without a peep as long as it does not directly interfere with their share of the loot, be it Doritos and beer or pension funds and real estate values.

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  4. Nobody says:

    You mentioned in your post, that inofficially scientists said 2025 will be the end of civilization. Can you explain why they think that? I mean there are so many possibilities: climate change, no ressources left, WW3, … (maybe a source (i know it’s hard with inofficial stuff 😉 )


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