Earth Oxygen Emergency Conference


Black swans in the Yellow River estuary in Dongying, China’s Shandong Province.

The Flock Of Black Swan Songs!

The oceans cover 75% of earth.

The oceans produce 50% of earth’s oxygen.

The oceans absorb 93% of the sun’s heat.

The Unholy Trinity Of The Climate Apocalypse!

Ocean deoxygenation is the 3rd but less-reported member of an evil climate change trinity, along with global warming and ocean acidification. It is not so much another shoe dropping out of our CO2 emissions as it is a large boot kicking ocean ecosystems, with significant knock-on impacts for hundreds of millions of people who depend on the oceans for a living, and with feedbacks on climate. Ocean scientists have been calling for policymakers’ urgent attention on this issue, and the Royal Society will be hosting a conference on the topic at The Royal Society in London September 12-13, 2016.”

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The oceans are dying in 4 ways.

  1. We flood the coasts with nitrogen and phosphorus causing green goo to strangle off oxygen off on ocean coasts.
  2. The heating of the oceans will cause heat layers that trap oxygen away from fish habitats.
  3. Ocean acidification will double by 2050 and triple by 2100.
  4. The positive feedback by deoxygenation onto global warming. This is bad.

Positive feedbacks can reach tipping points, where they go into runaway feedback loops. They feed and grow off each other. This feedback frenzy is absolutely fatal for life on earth.

Human-caused ocean deoxygenation is expected to become widespread globally by the 2030s or 2040s, and increase substantially through the end of the century as we continue business-as-usual CO2 emissions.

Things Pile Up, Nothing Happens Alone: Multiple Deoxygenation Feedback Loops

We are losing nearly three O2 molecules for each CO2 molecule that accumulates in the air says Dr. Ralph Keeling.

Atmospheric Oxygen Levels Fall As Carbon Dioxide Rises

The earth’s magnetic field is weakening: Oxygen escapes from the Earth during geomagnetic reversals – Implications to mass extinction

We destroyed 50% of the trees on earth in 2,000 years, most of them in the last 50 years.

Our use of primary materials has tripled in 40 years, and will triple again in 50 more.

But, there’s a bump, on the log, in the hole, in the bottom of the sea…

Humans and livestock occupy 50% of earth’s surface.

Humans and livestock eat 40% of all the green stuff that grows on all the land each year.

Humans and livestock cause 80% of species extinctions.

Humans and livestock destroyed 10% of earth’s wilderness in just the last 20 years.

Humans and livestock are depleting soil two times faster than we replace it.

Humans an livestock are depleting water six times faster than we replace it.*


Back In China…

China is going to build two new mega-cities of 100 million people apiece. One will sit in a typhoon zone next to the rising ocean, and the other will sit in an earthquake zone next to the rising ocean. These cities will be powered by dozens of nuclear power plants along their east coast. Why? Because they have no choice, there are too many people.












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