U.S. Is Ruled By Saudis And Israelis: NOT By It’s People


I fucking hate politics. It’s all about a bunch of people I can’t tell apart, who’ve hated each other for centuries. It’s like straights hating gays, I can’t tell who’s who, so I fucking hate it all. I avoid politics like the plague because subtlety is not the name of my game. They all look like zebras no matter what their stripe. But, sometimes politics is just so fucking wrong, you gotta take a stand, or die feeling like a coward, which I am, by the way. Why else do we send our best to die for some rich assholes in a foreign country?   These rich assholes pay to play with the life and limb of our youth for their dirty wars.

Proof Of Concept:

Obama Continues To Starve 1.5 Million Children In Yemen


Obama Offered Saudis $115 Billion In Arms Since 2009


Last Week, Obama Gave Away To Israel $38 Billion In Arms


See? You don’t need to be a genius to see the rich want war because, when the poor go broke, the rich want war. They have since the days of railroad barons and civil war, but especially since the dirty 30s depression. That’s why, back in the 90s, the  Clintons denied half a million Iraqi children the medicines they needed to stay alive. Those half million children died before the U.N. became too embarrassed to continue tracking their deaths. Too fucking embarrassed?! Are you fucking kidding me…? Counting the kiddie deaths became too embarrassing for the Clintons.

In contrast to the ugly reality of war, we have the lovely lefty people who think spending three-quarter of a trillion dollars on offshore windmills, to reduce emissions 1.8%, is a good idea. This is lunacy. These lefty liberals have no idea we are collapsing now, not 50 years from now. They think the oceans are absorbing 94% of CO2 emissions because of The Young Turks. They are clueless because no one tells them exactly how unknowing they are. I know, I remember I used to be too much of a smart ass, now I’m not smart ass enough. It is our duty to warn the young about the truth of collapse. And yes, I don’t think it will go well.


I once tried to be Zen Buddhist, but believing in Collapse is as close as I come to religion.







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