Snapchat Sees Total Destruction


My Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Go back! It’s a trick!!! Pass this along to anti-readers.

The Godfather of High Speed Sea Level Rise

First off, James Hansen warns how sea level rise will increase up to 10 feet per decade by 2060. It won’t stop there and it can even happen sooner. He’s telling us seas will quickly rise up and we will soon see super storms beyond our ability to imagine. Jim is like that guy in class who is always faster and smarter than the rest of us, but the real reason we hate him is because he’s always right.

Watch How Cities Will Flood By 2050

Most of our giant cities are on huge river deltas, and many say sea levels will rise up to 10 feet by 2050, but if seas even just rise 4 feet before then, humanity will lose 25% of our richest food producing lands.

Bill McGuire, The God of Climate Heated Earthquakes And Volcanos

Did you know winter is volcano season? Pound for pound, water has more effect on earthquakes and volcanos than ice does, and when the last ice age melted, the artic lands rebounded and sent all that water to the equator, which decreased earth’s rotational speed, lengthening earth’s daytime by 4 seconds. The earthquake pressures from that event are still reverberating today, and major quakes from that event only declined significantly some 200 years ago. Rising seas will move earthquakes inland. California will likely become a chain of islands, for a while.

The Cross of The Moment

Life survives on earth because billion of years ago, a planet the size of Mars hit Earth and created our large, nearby moon, which stabilizes earth’s rotation and produces the tides, which produces sea life. The giant gas planets of Saturn and Jupiter also help protect our earth from asteroids. Nobody really knows why we have so much water on earth, but when it freezes, it becomes the only solid that floats in its own liquid. This allows sea life to survive ice ages. It was this collision of planets that gave earth its thin crust, which gave us our magnetic field, which protects us from the sun. Not only that, but 90% of the rest of the universe is too dangerous to live in because of interstellar gamma ray exposure. We are in a Goldilocks zone within a Goldilocks zone within another Goldilocks zone. This is why we can’t find any space aliens. Life’s a bitch out there.

Kevin Anderson Knocks Delusions Out Of The Park

Kevin talks fast, but delivers knock out punch after knock out punch, and that’s after pummelling us about where we really stand in our energy picture now!

My Conclusion

There you have it. By 2050, we will see seas rise at incredible rates. We will see storms so big and bad that no primate ancestor of ours will ever have seen anything like it in our millions of years on earth. Earthquakes and volcanos will increase at the same time we lose up to half our food, all while expecting 2 billion more of us to be born. On top of it all, we are increasingly losing our magnetic field which protects us from the sun. If I was Martha Stewart, I would call this my recipe for disaster. And that’s not a good thing.




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