Sunday Morning Collapse


Six (Ex-)Deutsche Bank Executives Charged in Monte dei Paschi Probe (BBG)

Stealth Bailout of 2 Franken-Banks Now Happening in Spain

Milan court orders trial over Monte dei Paschi trades: legal sources

Amazing Then And Now Photos Of China’s Pearl River Delta

‘Merkel Cannot Afford To Bail Out Deutsche Bank’ (R.)

Czech President Calls For Deportation Of Economic Migrants (Pol.)

The Carbon Dioxide Carbon Spiral

‘Do Not Resist’: A chilling look at the normalization of warrior cops

Speed of Arctic Ice Melt Defies Scientific Predictions

Aleppo, 338 People Dead, 100 Children Dead This Week

How organisations enshrine collective stupidity

Listen To The Animals

Poor Americans of Color Drink Filthy Water and Breathe Poisonous Air All the Damn Time 

Human Food Sources In Danger Of Extinction

Scientists Confirm Signs Of Sixth Mass Extinction

Big Animals Go First In Sixth Mass Extinction





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