Fight Collapse, Support Jim & Sophie!

Show and tell like your life depends on it!


One thought on “Fight Collapse, Support Jim & Sophie!

  1. ErtyerePetyere says:

    All these “young people ” can thank their life`s to fossil fuels . no fossil fuels . No Young people .. At least not in the numbers it would make the world problematic to go on . They are the problem . To many ” young people ” Of course the blame lies with grandfathers like Mr Hansen who couldn’t keep his pecker in his pants and now he is whining about fossil fuel co2 etc while parading one of his granddaughter . Tough luck buddy you particularly you should have known better , You cant go back fix this . Nature will . It will fix the problem either with the exhaustion of fossil fuels than people dead or climate chaos thru co2 and GHG where people are also dead . End of story


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