How Not To Over Post On Collapse

We sell guns, China sells green energy
Solar faeries work nights in China making solar panels while the cobbler sleeps.
The Axis of Evil Is Israel-Saudi-USA! They sell hate and death in the guise of religious creed and race.
The 2 parties in the USA will steal your taxes for guns and banks, while you go broke with no public health care or college. If you vote Hillary or Trump, you are voting for death. Hold your breath and vote for the crazy grey haired green lady. Even if it fucking kills you.
Crime USA must disarm, you can’t have green energy & guns.
The world must disarm them before we can even think of tackling collapse.
It’s happening like it or not.
Carbon tax and trade will kill life on earth.
Angels don’t dance on the head of a pin.
Long live James Hansen’s new carbon world order !!!
Oh fuck, yeah!

2 thoughts on “How Not To Over Post On Collapse

  1. thanks for writing drunk or editing sober….or is it the other way around?….though sometimes it works being drunk both ways…and, on occasion, not drunk at all…though that’s becoming a dying art form called denial and delusion…whatever. Post as often as you wish, drunk, half-drunk, or something other…i’ll continue reading while we’re still breathing…best, r

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  2. EtyerePetyere says:

    Carbon sequestration is a non existing (except outside of a lab ) unscaleable technology . Same thing with teleportation . They can do it in a lab with a proton . But that`s where is stops and it will never have a practical application . This co2 sequestration especially since it takes more energy than the energy you produce with the emission you try to sequester . End of story ! Actually the story goes on like this CO2 forcing of the last 40 years emissions is not in the pipelines yet . In the last 4 years there was more co2 put into the atmosphere than the all the time since the beginning of fossil fuel usage . And what about all the other GHGs like methan and the reinforcing feedback loops . James Hanson sees the problem . Just have lunatic solutions.

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